Nikki Webster reveals call before Matildas Strawberry Kisses performance

An Australian child star has revealed new details about moment the Matildas invited her to share the stage after her iconic single Strawberry Kisses became the unofficial soundtrack of their World Cup journey.

Australian Icon, Nikki Webster first shot to fame at the 2000 Sydney Olympics where she starred in the opening ceremony, before she released her hit single Strawberry Kisses.

More than 20 years later, the popular song once again reached the top of the charts when the Matildas unofficially labelled it the theme song of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Now 36 years old and the owner of three dance schools in NSW, Ms Webster said it was her students that brought the song’s new found fame among the soccer players to her attention.

“It was the kids at the dance studio who were coming in and telling… have you seen this? Have you heard this?” she told The Morning Show on Tuesday.

“I didn’t really pay much attention and it just kept growing and growing.”

Ms Webster said the team reached out to her to perform her famous song at Riverstage in Brisbane during the official ceremony honouring the achievements of the Matildas, just the night before.

“The girls reached out to me on social media and it just kind of grew from there,” she said.

‘It was just such a beautiful moment and I mean they (made) the country so proud and to even be mentioned next to them was a huge honour.

“It was literally the night before. I was teaching and got a call saying do you want to come up and sing tomorrow.

Ms Webster said she was blown away by the request and described the event as a “crazy, whirlwind of a day”.

“It was nice to know they knew me as a kid. They grew up to the song. Now, here they are doing our country so proud,” she said.

Ms Webster also shared her newest personal achievement during the show, announcing her beloved dance school, Dance @ Nikki Webster, will this year celebrate 16 years.

“I’m that old to have had a studio for that long … celebrating sweet 16 we’re going to call it.”

Ms Webster said dance is about so much more than the art itself.

‘It’s about getting active but it’s (also) about giving them a different group of friends, so they have that break away from school,” she said.

“It’s all about being yourself and having that safe space to explore who you want to be and come out of your shell.”

The child star said she will “never say no” to getting back on stage with the Matildas but her dream for now is to continue to watch her students grow along their dance journey.

“We’re just so passionate and we’re just so grateful to have been on the journey of so many incredibly talented students along the way and they’re part of their dance family,” she said.

“We love what we do and we’re so happy and proud of every single one of them.”

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