NFL star Jonathan Owens comments about his Olympic medallist wife, Simone Biles, have gone viral, and women online are shocked

NFL star Jonathan Owens’ comments about his Olympic medallist wife Simone Biles have gone viral, and women online are shocked.

Biles, 26, is the most decorated gymnast in history. Yet during an appearance on The Pivot Podcast hosted by Former NFL stars Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder, her husband Owens said he thought he was the “catch” in the relationship.

“I always say that the men are the catch,” he said.

Owens elaborated that when he met Biles, he was fighting against the relationship because of his fear of being afraid to “commit”.

He said she was able to lock him down because they got along so well and “laughed the whole night” when they first met, and the rest is history, with the couple getting married in April 2023.

The podcast was also video recorded and Biles can be seen watching her husband talk and smiling.

People on the internet are baffled that the NFL player could consider himself the prize in the relationship when Biles is arguably the most talented gymnast ever to exist, and she’s won 23 gold medals.

As someone pointed out on Twitter, Biles is by far the more giant star in the relationship; she has over 7 million followers on Instagram, and Owens only has 300,000.

“Bro, you are not the catch,” they wrote.

While another said no one thinks Owens isn’t a catch, the reality is that Biles is on a completely “different level” to her husband.

One fan thought that Owens referring to himself as the catch in the relationship makes him a “liar”, and someone else wrote was “cringe”, and one argued that more people have heard of her than people have heard of Owens.

“This teaches me when you are a great woman, men, no matter what the status is, will always try their hardest to humble you. Give a man a mic and watch him embarrass you,” someone wrote.

People online were flabbergasted entirely by his viewpoint. Someone wrote he was “delusional”, and another called his remarks “wild.”

“I have no idea who he is! She is the prize! He is lucky to have her,” one claimed.

In the same interview, Owens also revealed that they’d matched on the celebrity dating app Raya, and she’d messaged him first, made an effort to drive 45 minutes to meet up with him, and spilled he’d never heard of her before.

“When she won the Olympics, I was in college, and we didn’t have NBC, we didn’t have Olympics channels, and we’re in camp. So I’m not paying attention to; I never would have had a moment to where I would have watched,” he revealed.

People seemed less shocked that he’d never heard of one of the greatest living athletes alive, which is the equivalent g of not knowing who LeBron James is, and more horrified that he’d make the “catch” comment about his wife.

Sporting achievements aside, it’s not a wild concept to want your partner to think they are lucky to have you and not think you’re fortunate to have them.

Not everyone was offended by his comment; there were also plenty of people online jumping to Owens’ defence and claiming it made sense he thought he was the catch in the relationship.

“Let them people be happy and live their lives. My brothers know your worth; you can be the catch too,” someone tweeted

Another claimed this was an example of people finding this to be “mad”, and one said people were taking his comments too “seriously.”

“Everyone on Jonathan Owens arse for saying he’s the catch simply because his wife is more famous and makes slightly more money is also kind of crazy. If money is the driving factor of attraction in a relationship, then you’re lost,” one argued.

In response to all the drama, Owens put a photo of him and Biles on his Instagram.

He said the pair were “unbothered,” and she commented their love was “for life.”

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