New Zealand dad reveals hidden detail on DIY tool

A New Zealand father who teaches other men “how to dad” has revealed a key detail on one everyday DIY item.

The man took to TikTok under the name @howtodadNZ this week to reveal he has discovered something on a tape measure “most builders don’t know”.

“The width of the tape measure is written on the tape measure, I’ve just seen online,” he said.

“I thought it can’t be true but it’s on here.”

He said he even bought a cheaper tape measure to test the theory and the size of the container that holds the tape measure was also written on it.

The man said it now meant instead of bending the ruler and guessing the measurement, all people had to do was add the size written on the tape measure to the number on the ruler.

“There will be a lot of builders saying ‘mate, I already knew that, I’ve known since I was a young buck’. But if the whole world knew this wouldn’t be a surprise,” he said.

“Builders, thank me later.”

Social media users were equally perplexed by the news, with some joking they’d stick to their old way of taking measurements.

“But I don’t know how to do the math … so I have to bend it,” one social media user commiserated.

Another said: “It’s 1am, I know there’s a tape measure on the kitchen bench and I am tempted to go get it to see.”

“Didn’t know that, will probably never use it myself, but one day I might tell someone else. Like I always knew,” another commented on the video, which has clocked up more than 3.2 million views.

“I use a tape measure nearly every single day. I did not know this,” one added.

One said: “I’ve been a builder for two months and I found this out when I was still in course so technically I’m the better builder.”

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