New State Mobile teases New State era of Battle-Royale in the upcoming February 2024 update

With the upcoming update at the end of February 2024, the developers at Krafton have teased a new era of battle royale coming in the game. The last January 2024 Update teased a new twilight weather condition change in Troi and some new weapons in the mix. The new video, titled New State of Battle Royale, promising a new era of the game, has been released on the official New State Mobile socials, revealing some exciting changes in the game coming with the February 2024 Update.

New State Mobile: New Era of battle-royale in February 2024 Update

The intricate details of this new mode are still unknown. However, it is highly speculated that this mode will bring a lot of attention from the players and fans of the game. The video shows several players jumping off the airplane, with different attires on them. This might be highlighting the different types of characters which are there. This brings an indication of maybe different characters having different superpowers, along with their regular gunplay.

New State Mobile New Era 2024
Image via Krafton

The gunfight part shows a lot of players moving around the map with possible jetpacks in them. This might be a temporary power-up or a special ability for some players. However, it is, this mode will make things interesting for the players.

Final Thoughts

This addition adds the possibility of several new characters in the game. This will make players rethink the rules of battle royale, which is one of the plans from the makers.

But, this also marks a bit of doubt for the players, who are fearful of the ambitions of the developers, who might be aiming to emulate the mechanics of Apex Legends after the addition of new features. There will also be a new map, whose beta will be up in a few days. All in all, there will be a lot of things that are coming in one of the huge updates of the year!

What are your thoughts on the New Era of Battle Royale, which is teased by the makers of New State Mobile in the February 2024 Update? Mention in the comments below.

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