New Erangel Aurora, Gameplay, Gun Changes and more

With the new month of December coming to an end, new changes have been brought to the game of New State Mobile, which includes the different and new weather updates to the Erangel map, gunplay customizations brought to different weapons in the game, and more. Let us break down more about the changes which Krafton has brought, during the December 2023 Update in New State Mobile.

New State Mobile December 2023 Update: New Erangel Aurora

Erangel Aurora will appear as a new weather setting, where players can get a chance to experience Erangel Aurora when they play on Erangel. However, the high chance of occurrence will be applied temporarily upon the update. Afterwards, the chance may be adjusted based on gameplay data.

New Erangel Aurora
Image via Krafton

Players can earn a 50% bonus of tier score by winning in Erangel Aurora. However, players will lose 20% more tier score, when they lose under this weather condition. Therefore, do choose their battles wisely!
Developers will be adding more new weather to other maps based on the feedback and data analysis.

Other changes in the map

  • The balance of Erangel sessions has been changed, based on our survivors’ feedback and analysis of gameplay data.
  • First, the Blue Zone’s speed will be increased by 10% compared to the regular speed.
  • However, the spawn rate of items will be increased by 20%, compared to the one in the existing maps.

New State Mobile December 2023 Update: Gun Customizations and Gameplay Changes

Gunplay changes

New State Mobile December 2023 Update M101 Suppressor
Image via Krafton

A dedicated Suppressor will be added as a second customization of the M110A1 weapon. When the C2 custom is applied, the unchangeable Dedicated Suppressor will be mounted on the muzzle slot. The suppressor will increase damage and provide a noise suppression effect, but it will also reduce recoil control and make the muzzle slot unavailable.

Other changes

  • Some patterns in the Shooting Gallery will be changed.
  • The rank will be reset, and the rewards will be distributed to your mail based on your previous ranking.
  • Players can purchase guns at the Drone Store. In the store, one can find one or two randomly chosen guns among those appearing in a care package.
  • Players can buy them for 1,500 Drone Credits each.

Survivor Pass Vol. 26: Sentry

The lead character for Survivor Pass Vol. 26 is ‘Sentry’.

Players can get the character for free by achieving certain pass levels. One can also get Sentry’s outfit and ‘Raven Queen’ costume set by upgrading to Premium Pass, and many more rewards will be given upon purchasing Premium Plus.

Players can meet ‘Moonlight Goddess’ once again, as players can upgrade it to Legacy Pass. All NC consumed will be refunded once they can purchase a Premium Pass and achieve a certain pass level.

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