New dating theory the Cavoodle method is going viral

There’s a new love theory going viral online.

It is called the “Cavoodle method” and yes that is a reference to the ridiculously cute dog breed.

So, what do designer dogs and dating have in common? Well, more than you’d think, according to Aussie creator Pheveya

In a TikTok that has now been viewed over a million times and has over 100,000 likes, the young woman explains that she “invented” this method, which has changed lives.

The premise is simple enough: Pheveya uses herself as an example and shares that she’s obsessed with Cavoodles.

“I’m obsessed with Cavoodles. I talk about them all the time, and I unknowingly talked about them so much with an ex of mine that every time he saw a Cavoodle, he’d think of me,” she said.

She said that before she started officially dating her ex, when they were just in the talking stage, he quickly learnt she loved that dog breed. Eventually, he started associating her with that dog breed.

He even started sending her cute videos of Cavoodles or sharing anything Cavoodle related with her on social media because he knew how much she loved the dogs.

When they officially got together, she asked him why he wanted to date her …. Cavoodles were once again mentioned.

“He said everywhere I went and there was a Cavoodle, I thought of you! So I was thinking about you a lot,” she explained.

Now that they’ve broken up, Pheveya pointed out that he’ll never really be able to “escape” her because he thinks about her every time he sees Cavoodles.

She claimed that making something your thing and getting people to associate you with it helps you stick in people’s heads more, and when you’re dating, it gets men to think about you constantly.

The young creator said her friend has done the same thing with ramen noodles and is currently talking to a man she likes.

What has happened? He has started associating her with ramen noodles, and every time he sees them at the shops, he messages her, or every time he craves ramen, he thinks about her.

“Ramen is associated with her to him every single day now,” she said.

Pheveya’s dating advice is simple: She recommends that you become obsessed with something — anything from a pet to a movie — and bring it up so much that people begin to associate you with that thing.

When dating someone new or in the early talking stages with a guy, bring up that thing so often that he can’t come across it without thinking about you.

She advised, “Use this method on a boy you’ll like, and you’ll be stuck in his head forever.”

Online people were impressed by the theory and also amazed to discover they’d already been doing it.

“I can’t believe I’ve been doing this unconsciously for years,” someone commented.

“This happened to me. When I was talking to someone, I got obsessed with toast. He messaged me and said, “I can’t even eat or see toast without thinking about you,” one shared, and the responses kept rolling in.

“My mom and I love gnomes. It’s so random, but his mom is OBSESSED with them. He can’t escape me.”

“This is me with Shrek. My poor ex will never be able to watch the world’s greatest film franchise without thinking of me.”

“Mines, Taylor swift. No one can hear her music without thinking about me.”

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