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With the Patch 5.1 Update, the developers at Riot Games will let Wild Rift explore the interesting story lore of League of Legends, along with the shadow and mist of Ruination and more details about the world of Runeterra. Rather than normal patches in the game, this patch will not take on events one by one, rather each storyline/event will lead to another one. There are gameplay changes, Shadow Isles content, new skins and more.

Wild Rift Patch 5.1 “Beyond Ruination” Update: Exploring the rich lore of League of Legends

This Patch will be broken down into three acts, with each champion release setting up the commencement of each Act.

New Champions


Known as the Spear of Vengeance, Kalista will join the Rift with this patch. She is a highly mobile marksman in League of Legends who can form a unique bond with one of her allies. We will find out the role she played in the downfall of Blessed Isles.


Wild Rift Patch 5.1 Update Viego New Champion
Image via Riot Games

Known as the Ruined King, Viego will join the Rift during the second charge of the Patch. Viego’s powers of the Black Mist will help to close in on the opponents and possess them. Let us experience the patch and find the inside demons of the new assassin.


The “Twisted Treant” Maokai supports the quest to restore the Blessed Isles. The tank in League of Legends, many players regard him as one of the best in the game in his role.

Please be informed that not only are these champions treading the Rift, but others are too!

Gameplay Changes

Map Lanes Shadows
Image via Riot Games
  • The in-app atmosphere system is used to transport them right onto the Daggerhawk, sailing towards the Blessed Isles.
  • The mist of the Shadow Isles will be creeping through the lanes in-game too!
  • During this patch, items will be categorized into Radiant and Shadow. Radiant items will focus on protection or utility such as Horizon Focus. While Shadow items will be a riskier play, they might have a bigger payoff, just like Infinity Edge! These item changes will affect all game modes.
  • Furthermore, a new magic circle will be placed in the Baron lane, allowing you to call upon an Ixtal Mosstomper to aid you against enemy turrets.

New Balance Changes

Existing champions like Miss Fortune, Riven, Jax, and Master Yi are all getting reworks or adjustments to their skills, making them more powerful than before.

Wild Rift Patch 5.1 “Beyond Ruination” Update: Kalista, Different Game modes and Events

New Game Mode: Final Stand

In a new wave defence game mode, players will fight against Kalista. You’ll be fighting for her life in a recreation of one of her most infamous battles. This will happen during Act I of the patch update. Players will learn more about Commander Kalista on the battlefield.

Wild Rift Ruination Event: Kalista’s Odyssey

Players can participate in this Ruination Event to unlock more rewards and read the exciting story behind it across the 3 acts. Players will collect and unlock more stories as they log on to the events in their library!

Ruination Event Kalista Odeyssey
Image via Riot Games

There will be separate events focusing on other happenings, such as the celebration of Pride Month in 2024!

Wild Rift Patch 5.1 Update: Ranked Season, Wild Pass and more skins

Ranked Season 13 and Wild Pass

Wild Rift Braum skin Ranked Season 13
Image via Riot Games
  • The Ranked Season 13 will start mid-April with a snazzy Braum skin as a reward.
  • The new Wild Pass will sate your hunger for more Food Spirits with Fizz and make your battles even hotter with Infernal Shen!

There will be plenty of new skins for players to grab as well, which includes the Dragon skins, Soul Fighter skins, Arcade skins, Immortal Journey skins and the Chromacrash skins!

That’s it for the Patch 5.1 Update! Read more of our Wild Rift content!

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