New Capital District, Troops, Spells, and more

In the highly anticipated Clash of Clans October 2023 update, Supercell is set to revolutionize the game with exciting new features that will electrify the Clash community. Focusing on the Clan Capital updates, from a new Capital District to new Spells, there are plenty coming this month. So, in this article, let us look into the upcoming Clash of Clans October 2023 Update features.

Clash of Clans October 2023 Update Overview

New Capital District: Goblin Mines

The first major update will be the arrival of Goblin Mines, a brand-new Capital District. In this fresh Clan Capital District, the landscape is characterized by rolling mountains and meandering rivers, forming a natural fortress of sorts. The design is extremely pleasant to look at, and just as the name suggests, this lush valley offers a wealth of possibilities when it comes to crafting strategic base designs.

CoC October 2023 new district
Image via Supercell

Goblin Mines will become accessible at Capital Hall level 9. Within this new district, it will be introducing the Goblin Thrower as a new defensive structure and the Spear Trap as a new trap. Additionally, the update will bring various neutral buildings, decorations, and obstacles to enrich the overall game environment.

New Capital Defense and Trap

Goblin Thrower

Featured with the new district, the Goblin Thrower is the first defense to be introduced. The Goblin Thrower is pre-loaded with a total of 5 barrels, each of which delivers splash damage upon impact to ground Troops. Within each barrel are 3 Spear Goblins who emerge upon release and continue to safeguard your Capital District, targeting both air and ground units.

CoC October 2023 new clan capital defense
Image via Supercell

Any Spear Goblins remaining after an attack remain in the position to defend your District in the next attack. The Goblin Thrower retains its 5-barrel limit during a Capital Raid and doesn’t refill until the next one begins. If the Goblin Thrower gets destroyed before using all 5 barrels, the remaining barrels will release their Spear Goblins, who will fight until they’re defeated.

The stats for Goblin Thrower are as follows:

Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Building Cost (Capital Gold) HP DPS
1 1 9 16,000 3100 18
2 2 9 32,000 3400 20
3 3 10 64,000 3700 22
4 4 10 99,000 4000 25

The stats for Spear Goblins in the Goblin Thrower are as follows:

Goblin Thrower Level HP DPS
1 155 55
2 170 60
3 185 65
4 200 70

Spear Trap

A sneaky trap has been introduced named Spear Trap. This clever trap activates when offensive units come within 10 tiles of its trigger zone, unleashing a hail of spears upon enemy units within its reach. The best part is that the Spear Trap targets both ground and air troops, with 8 being the minimum housing space required to trigger.

Trap Level Capital Hall Level Number of Spears Upgrade Cost (Capital Gold) Damage
1 9 4 3,000 120
2 9 5 6,000 140
3 10 6 12,000 160
4 10 7 20,000 180

New Troops and Spells

New Mega Troop: Mega Sparky

Mega Sparky stands as a remarkable addition, marking the first new Mega Troop introduced to Clash of Clans since the inception of the Clan Capital feature. While drawing some inspiration from its smaller counterpart in Clash Royale, Mega Sparky takes things to a whole new level.

CoC October 2023 Mega Sparky
Image via Supercell

Though it may not be the fastest mover, Mega Sparky compensates with its incredible firepower. This Mega Troop unleashes a formidable electric blast upon defenses, albeit with a slower charge time, and each shot packs a substantial punch in terms of splash damage.

Mega Sparky’s stats are as follows:

Level Mega Sparky Workshop Level Capital Hall Level HP DPS
1 1 9 10,000 400
2 2 9 11,200 450
3 3 10 12,400 500
4 4 10 13,600 550

Unlocking Mega Sparky is a milestone achieved by constructing the Mega Sparky Workshop within the Goblin Mines. You can see the upgrade details below:

Workshop Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Mega Sparky Level Upgrade Cost (Capital Gold) HP
1 1 9 1 37,500 1500
2 2 9 2 75,000 1750
3 3 10 3 200,000 2000
4 4 10 4 400,000 2250

New Capital Troop: Super Miner

The update also introduces the Super Miner to the list of available Capital Troops for players to utilize during Raids. He comes equipped with a single-target Damage type, tunnels beneath the ground towards the nearest building, undetected by defenses and undeterred by obstacles. If Super Miner is destroyed, he leaves behind a bomb that deals explosive damage. The troop requires 25 Housing spaces.

Clash of Clans October 2023 Super Miner
Image via Supercell

The stats for Super Miner are as follows:

Level Super Miner Barracks Level Capital Hall Level HP DPS Explosive Damage
1 1 9 3700 170-510 1400
2 2 9 4000 190-570 1700
3 3 10 4300 210-630 2000
4 4 10 4600 230-690 2300

The stats for Super Miner Barracks are as follows.

Barracks Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Super Miner Level Building Costs (Capital Gold) HP
1 1 9 1 17,000 1500
2 2 9 2 50,000 1700
3 3 10 3 150,000 1900
4 4 10 4 300,000 2100

New Spell: Endless Haste

Endless Haste becomes the new spell to be added to the Clan Capital. This spell is designed to supercharge the movement speeds of any Capital Troops within its effect radius. The ‘Endless’ is coined because it continues to accelerate your Troops’ movement even after they’ve left the spell’s area of effect.

CoC October 2023 Endless Haste
Image via Supercell

Endless Haste sticks around for a total of four raid attacks. It’s worth noting that this spell is versatile, affecting both ground and air units, and it requires a housing space of 3. The stats for Endless Haste Spell are as follows:

Spell Level Capital Hall Level Speed Boost
1 9 7
2 9 8
3 10 9
4 10 10

The stats for Endless Haste Spell Factory are as follows:

Spell Level Spell Factory Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Building Costs (Capital Gold) HP
1 1 1 9 25,000 1000
2 2 2 9 50,000 1150
3 3 3 10 125,000 1300
4 4 4 10 250,000 1450

Goblin Builder and Researcher

Goblin Builder and Work for Hire! event

Starting at Town Hall Level 7 and having all five Builders (excluding O.T.T.O), players gain access to the Goblin Builder. During the Goblin Builder event, which is indicated by a special banner, this extra helper will be available for a limited time. Players can locate the Goblin Builder’s workshop near the Trader’s tent and tapping on him will provide a quick tutorial on how he can assist. A Goblin head icon at the top of the screen indicates whether he’s currently occupied or available.

Goblin Builder Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

When all regular Builders are busy, the Goblin Builder steps in to help construct and upgrade various buildings in your Home Village, including Defenses and Walls. To enlist the Goblin Builder’s services, players can hire him for a few gems. It’s essential to note that using the Goblin Builder still requires the necessary Resources for upgrades. The gem cost for the Goblin Builder depends on the duration of the upgrade, longer upgrades cost more gems. Season Pass boosts can reduce the Gem cost.

If a player decides to cancel an upgrade that the Goblin Builder is working on, they will receive a 50% refund of resources, but the gems used are not refunded. Any upgrades left incomplete when the event ends will continue until they are finished, and the Goblin Builder can handle one task at a time. Builder Potions can speed up the Goblin Builder’s work, and if all regular Builders and the Goblin Builder are occupied, starting a new upgrade will offer the cheapest Gem option to complete it.

Goblin Researcher

Goblin Researcher arrives at the game as another backup to your research, where he steps in to perform an additional research task, whether it’s upgrading a Troop, Spell, or Siege Machine in your Home Village if you’re already in the process of researching something in your Laboratory. Just like with the Goblin Builder, you can enlist the services of the Goblin Researcher by hiring him for a few gems.

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