Nebula Echoes, a new cyberpunk-inspired sci-fi RPG opens for global pre-registrations

Nexus: Nebula Echoes is a new sci-fi RPG brought to you by Magic Network Limited. The game, Nexus: Nebula Echoes is now available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS platforms via the official app stores.

The game aims to deliver a decision-driven experience featuring both humans and AI

The game will take you far in the future where humans and AI will have to co-exist or fight for dominance over each other. The game will let you be the deciding factor of the fate of both sides, and you will have to choose whether they should coexist or only one side should.

Being a decision-based game, there will be multiple consequences each leading to different endings, bringing meaning to the game and each decision you take will heavily influence the game. The game is currently in the pre-registration phase and by registering for the game, you can get rewarded with 50 Redgems x1, Medium Halidom Originite x2, 100K Starium x3, and more.

Nexus: Nebula Echoes Pre-registration, Nexus: Nebula Echoes
Image via Magic Network Limited

In the battles, you can make use of futuristic weapons and other elements to make every battle unique. The cyberpunk-inspired city also has its charms and mysteries as you progress in the game, you will find the secrets being uncovered.

The game, Nexus: Nebula Echoes also has its robust character creation feature where you can browse through a plethora of unique faces and personalities to choose the best. There are several professions available in the game as well, each having different perks to the playing styles. The future of humanity lies with your decisions in the game and you will decide the fate of humans and AI in the future.

Nexus: Nebula Echoes is now available for pre-registration on both Android and iOS

Nexus: Nebula Echoes is available for pre-registration for both Android and iOS. If you are interested in the game and would like to try it out, be sure to register for it via Google Play and the Apple stores.

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