Mum who charges for Christmas dinner forced to raise the price

A mum who charges her own family for Christmas dinner has upped her rate for this year’s festive occasion.

Caroline Duddridge, 64, has raised her fee for the yuletide spread as she and other families feel the pinch of the cost of living crisis.

The mum-of-five will demand $28 from each of her three daughters, $4.60 from her youngest grandchildren and $9.30 for anyone else over five, The Sun reported.

It’s the first time in six years that the Cardiff native, whose kids range from 24 to 37, has raised her prices.

Last year, Caroline’s two sons had to cough up $28, her daughters $18.65, her four grandchildren over five $9.30 and her two three-year-old grandchildren $4.60.

Her two boys are charged more because they are full-time workers, while her daughters who work part-time also have families.

Widow Caroline started the festive tradition after her husband passed away in 2015, and even makes sure everyone has sent the money to “keep track of any stragglers”.

However, Caroline fears her price increase may not be enough when she fills up her cart.

“I’m not sure it will, because when you buy a few bits and pieces it comes to like $56 or $75 and it’s barely a bag full,” she said.

“This is not Christmas stuff either but just general shopping – it’s just horrifying and you wonder where it’s all going to end.”

Caroline’s festive banquet covers a mini buffet of sandwiches before a slap-up turkey dinner with all the trimmings on 25 December, along with a nut roast and a choice of four desserts.

Payees are then eligible for a follow up buffet on Boxing Day.

This year grocery prices are skyrocketing and nabbing the best deals will mean the former teaching assistant, who is on a widow’s pension of $1,865 a month, will be spending more time than ever visiting supermarkets and checking deals.

For all that effort, she has one simple request.

“If you don’t pay by 1 December, you’re not coming,” she warned.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and reproduced with permission

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