Mum shares photo of her son’s vegan-friendly lunch box to X, divides users

A mother has shared a photo of a packed lunch her vegan son was given at a birthday party – but not everyone was impressed by the display.

Emma Lougar took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share an image of the personalised meal that was handed to her son by the party hosts.

The vegan-friendly lunch included a ‘chicken’ sandwich, mini ‘no’ eggs, sweet potato falafel bites, vegan sausage roll and a vegan KitKat.

“My son is at a birthday party and look at this cute individual lunch box they made up for him,” she captioned the image.

“I said I was happy to bring everything but looooooookkkk.”

Many social media users were impressed with the spread put together by the parents of the birthday kid.

“This is so lovely. And they didn’t even skimp, that’s a proper lunch that someone’s put thought into,” one social media user commented.

“When they could’ve just accepted your offer to provide something. So nice for your son that they did this.”

Another said things were so different in 2024 compared to how her son was treated like “poison” in the 90s.

“Not one child in his year wanted to invite him or attend his birthday. Back then it was McDonald’s, disco, local fun factory and he was told to bring his own food to one. So well done good to see,” they commented.

One social media user said: “This is amazing I bet he felt so good and you felt amazing knowing they catered to your son’s dietary needs and while you offered to bring things I’m so glad they accommodated his needs.”

“They’ve really tried hard to make sure that they get vegan versions of the same things that all the other kids will be eating, lots of thought had gone into this,” one added.

However not everyone agreed that it was in fact a “kind gesture” and the post kicked off a debate the mother couldn’t have seen coming.

“Making a child vegan is criminal,” one social media user weighed in.

Another said: “Sausage rolls and chocolate are health foods to you? Wild.”

One vegan said they were frustrated that the entire party wasn’t served this and were instead served “corpses”.

Another argued that kids were “supposed to have things like pizza and ice cream” at birthday parties, rather than what was in the lunch box.

Thankfully, most took the sensible approach.

“If he wanted it, he wanted it. If he didn’t he could just throw it in the bin. It’s up to him really,” someone commented.

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