Mum ‘ruins’ TikTok influencer’s $13k gender reveal party

A dad influencer has shared how his mum allegedly ruined he and his wife’s gender reveal.

Candace and Wesley are influencers known for their candid vlogs about family life, including their adventures with twins and the anticipation of their new arrival.

They recently planned a gender reveal party that cost a hefty $9000 (around $AU13,600), and Wesley was excited to finally afford a lavish event like this, Kidspot reports.

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The drama started about a week prior to the event, Wesley explained in the TikTok video, when a text conversation between Candace and her mother-in-law about the party turned sour.

Wesley’s mother offered to help with the event, but Candace politely declined, as she was organising it with her sisters and mum, who live out of state but wanted to be involved.

As a consolation for Wesley’s mother, Candace said: “But we might need help setting up on the day of if you can get there at 2.30!”

But the older woman bluntly responded, “Am I getting paid?”

Confused, Candace asked her mother-in-law why she thought she’d be getting paid for helping out, especially since she’d offered to help.

“Because I’m not your f**king maid,” the older woman replied.

Candace then burst into tears and ran into the room where Wesley was to show him the texts.

“There is a grand total of zero people that is ever going to cuss out my wife,” Wesley said protectively in the clip.

My mum sabotaged my $13,000 gender reveal party

He then made a 10-second phone call to his mum, telling her to never speak to his wife like that again and uninviting her from the gender reveal. He then hung up and blocked her number.

But the story didn’t end there.

As the party approached, Wesley’s mum’s attempts to make amends and secure an invitation to the day were denied by the couple, who remained firm in their decision.

“We appreciate your apologies, but you crossed the line, and you’re not coming,” Wesley told his mum.

Cut to the big day, and the mother-in-law made a last-ditch attempt to get back into their good books. But Wesley told her, “I’m not going to feel bad because you talked to my wife in a way you shouldn’t have.”

“Okay,” the woman replied. “I have no choice then.”

Everything was going well during the party, and the couple enjoyed themselves with family and friends.

Around 30 minutes before the actual reveal part of the day, Candace had a change of heart and asked Wesley to invite his mum.

She replied, “Okay, I’ll be there,” but as they approached the countdown, she still hadn’t arrived.

Not wanting to wait any longer, the couple started their 60-second countdown before they would unload the confetti canon, but at second 13, “I’ll never forget second 13”, the fire alarm goes off.

The venue was plunged into darkness, and the sprinkler system wet everyone in its tracks. Guests scrambled outside and waited for the fire department to arrive.

Meanwhile, Wesley’s mother was found sitting outside, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette amid the chaos.

Immediately, the couple approached her for answers, but she denied any involvement.

So, Wesley’s now asking his followers: Do they think it was his mum? Or an unfortunate coincidence?

“Cut her off. She can enjoy grandkids in pictures,” wrote one person.

“She absolutely did it. And I commend you hugely for how you take care of your wife and her mental health,” said another.

“Good for you! She had no right to do that to Candace. I’m proud of you,” replied another commenter.

However, a few followers thought they should have invited the mum after she apologised.

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“My thing is, if she apologised and you guys accepted the apology … you’re being petty at that point for holding that grudge and dangling the reveal in her face,” opined one.

Another said: “OMG, life is too short, and when your mother is no longer here, you will feel awful – believe me, I know I went through this with my mum. Just put it behind you.”

This person then suggested, “Get the police to check security video in order to press charges for the amount someone cost you … pull the tapes!!”

This story originally appeared on KidSpot and was reproduced with permission

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