Mum mauled to death protecting kids from ‘aggressive dogs’ at school gate

A US mother was found dead while her two children were left injured after a pack of “aggressive dogs” brutally attacked them at the school gates.

The dogs descended on the family Thursday as they waited at a bus stop outside the Brooks County Middle School in Quitman, Georgia, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Courtney Williams, 35, was found dead in a nearby neighbour’s yard, the New York Post reports.

“When deputies arrived, they encountered several aggressive dogs on the property,” the GBI said.

Her children were rushed to the hospital with injuries, with her son suffering several lacerations from facing down the dogs in an attempt to save his little sister’s life, according to family.

“Kayden push sissy out of harm’s way by doing so he saved her but took on the dogs himself,” Williams’ sister-in-law Crystal Cox said in a lengthy Facebook post.

She shared several graphic images, showing that the boy suffered several deep wounds to his arms, legs and head.

Ms Williams’ other son, who wasn’t injured, rushed into the school as the dogs attacked his family and flagged down a man — who Ms Cox called “an angel” — who helped fight the dogs off the boy and rushed them to the hospital.

Kayden was “hurt pretty bad,” Ms Cox said, but all three are now recovering at her home.

It’s not clear what breed of dogs the hounds were, but neighbours told local TV station WALB that they had been complaining about the need for animal control in the area for some time.

“People dump dogs all over the county and no one can get help with them because there’s no county animal control. Praying for this woman’s family. This is so sad,” one resident told the outlet.

Another lamented on the timing of the tragedy — just three days before Mother’s Day.

“I do feel for the family and for the kids because now they are going to have to celebrate Mother’s Day without their mother,” she said.

The GBI is conducting an autopsy to determine William’s official cause of death.

This article originally appeared on The New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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