Model Emily Ratajkowski has become hated online

Model Emily Ratajkowski has become a bit hated on the internet this year. What is her crime? She is what you’d call a try-hard in primary school.

In defence of Ratajkowski, 32, she has always been hard to like purely because she’s insanely beautiful, and if we’re being ‘after one glass of wine’ honest – that is annoying.

If you’re beautiful and a woman, we like you to act surprised – and slightly confused by it.

If you’re looking for inspiration, just copy the bashful yet cute responses Margot Robbie has when receiving any compliments for the last 12 months.

People have always been looking for a reason to dislike the model. She’s beautiful and rich and shares her opinions, and the public year she’s just had has tipped the scales.

Firstly, she split from the father of her child, Sebastian Bear-Mcclard. He is one of those Hollywood types where it is slightly unclear what he does, but he is just connected. He has known Lena Dunham since they were toddlers.

Since that epic break-up, Ratajkowski hasn’t sat at home raising her son and playing the role of the good single mum; nope, she’s out there trying to find love.

She’s been spotted kissing Harry Styles in Tokyo and on comedian Eric Andre’s Instagram.

Ratajkowski isn’t at home pretending she’s a cool girl who reads books, takes long baths and occasionally loses herself in a beautifully written poem.

She’s on the celebrity dating app Raya, matching with random Hollywood men and agreeing to hang out with them.

Has this gone done well with the public? Absolutely not; instead, she’s been bombarded with slut-shaming to the point a comment about her “getting around” went depressingly viral.

It isn’t just her dating life that puts her firmly in try-hard territory. She’s also spotted on her daily walks with her dog Colombo, where she looks shockingly put together, and the photos that emerge always seem posed.

She’s not slumping around waiting for her dog to poo; she’s corking her hip, pouting and strutting while she waits for him to poop.

Once again she’s trying right?

Logically, she’s a celebrity who knows she’s going to get her photo taken, so doesn’t it make sense that she’d want to look nice? Yes.

Yet people can’t seem to stand that she’s aware of the cameras and that she’s trying to look good; it annoys them.

One video of her looking like she was posing while taking her dog out went viral this year, and online people were ruthless in response.

“The pouting is just bizarre,” one claimed.

“Never seen someone so constantly aware of being looked at,” another claimed.

“The posing … LMAO” one joked.

We don’t like it when women try, it irritates and irks us. We want women to act like they don’t care and to come across as effortless, cool and casual.

Her final crime is that she posts bikini photos quite constantly.

Usually, when celebrities are upcoming, they’ll put lots of effort into their social media and post racy photos to grab some headlines and attention. Then, they’ll become insanely famous, withdraw from Instagram, and wear oversized hats in public.

Ratajkowski has 30 million Instagram followers and two million followers on TikTok, and she often posts pictures of herself in bikinis or jumping on social media trends. She doesn’t hide the fact she’s trying to get views.

Once again … she’s trying, right?

It’s been an interesting year of watching Ratajowksi being roasted for simply trying her best … and isn’t that what all of us should be doing? Yes, but if you’re a woman, be careful – you’ll be hated for it.

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