Mobile Legends February 2024 Leaks: Revamp Aurora, AoT collab, other events and more

As January is coming to an end soon, we will look at some future releases within the coming month of February 2024 in Mobile Legends. It is going to feature numerous skins and events and a newly revamped hero is going to be showcased in February 2024. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out the different leaks, events, and skins that will be dropping in February 2024 in Mobile Legends.

New Hero Revamp: Aurora

Aurora, a mage role hero popularly known for her Ice abilities, will be revamped. Revamped Aurora has been scheduled to be released on the Official server as of 31st of January, 2024. Although the release is scheduled to be in January, it is expected that players will be able to use her in the new month. Her revamp has brought about very unique skillsets. The news of her revamp had previously been revealed on the Advanced Server.

The newly revamped Aurora is now capable of even freezing turrets and she has a new passive that acts like winter truncheon, whenever her HP is 0%. The all-new passive immediately freezes her while regenerating some %HP which is indeed a pretty unique and helpful passive ability.

The newly revamped Aurora also specializes in dealing High Burst AOE magic damage to enemy targets, whilst freezing them. All in all, this newly revamped Aurora has the potential to be a mighty and feared mage that would wreak havoc on enemies on the battlefield. Her basic skin would also be simultaneously revamped, as Revamped Aurora releases on the 31st of January, 2024.

Mobile Legends February 2024 Leaks: Upcoming skins for February 2024

Novaria “Super Glaze” Starlight Skin

Image via MOONTON Games

Image via MOONTON Games

In the upcoming month of February 2024, the recently Revamped mage hero, Novaria will be getting a new Starlight Skin. The new Starlight Skin is titled Super Glaze and the Starlight skin portrays Novaria as a beautiful young girl who loves strawberries and other similar pastries. The skin has lots of cool visuals and intriguing skill effects.

Other exclusive rewards can be obtained from purchasing the Starlight Pass, which is either the normal or premium Starlight Pass. Some of the rewards include an exclusive Starlight painted skin, exclusive emotes, exclusive sacred statues, exclusive name background colour, and an exclusive trail effect. The Starlight Pass is undoubtedly worth the buy, due to the amazing extra rewards it provides.

Minisitthar Collector Skin

Minsitthar's March 2024 Collector Skin
Image via MOONTON Games

The Fighter role hero, Minisitthar will be debuting with a new Collector Skin in February 2024. This new collector is titled Soul Invictus and is going to be available for grabs in the Grand collection event. It would also debut alongside 2 other previously-existing collector skins owned by heroes, Natan and Nana. The new collector skin would also be Minisitthar’s best skin yet, so it sure is a good pick for the Minisitthar mains.

Granger and Silvanna Valentine’s Skin

MLBB Valentine skins 2024
Image via MOONTON Games

The Valentine’s Couple for 2024 would be going to Granger and Silvanna. These duo are acquaintances, as they fight and defend the Moniyan empire from the beings of the Abyss. The skins are titled Granger’s Alluring Enigma and Silvanna’s Alluring Mystic and will be available from the 13th of February 2024. The skins are quite exquisite and feature the two heroes sharing a pretty close relationship between themselves. To know more about the list of Valentine skins in Mobile Legends, refer to our article.

The skins would cost 899 diamonds each. However, players can make use of the first-week discount to buy the skins for as low as 629 diamonds.

Zilong Lunar Skin

To celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year, Zilong would be receiving a new Lunar skin. The skin features Zilong dressed in a very fancy outfit in line with the Lunar celebration tradition. This new Lunar Skin is of Epic quality and would cost 899 diamonds. However, players can make use of the first-week discount to buy the skins for as low as 629 diamonds.

Previously existing Lunar skins for Aurora, Chang’e, Sun, Luo Yi, Lolita and Odette would all be available for purchase in the store for a limited time. The skins would enjoy a unique discount price when they return in February 2024.

Natalia’s Grim Strangler Special skin

Natalia’s Grim Strangler Limited Special skin event is going to be returning in February 2024. The event is scheduled from 18th February to 2nd March 2024. Just as in its previous releases, players would have to draw/summon the skin to unlock it. Players are guaranteed to obtain Natalia Grim Strangler skin within 8 summons or less.

Mobile Legends February 2024 Leaks: Upcoming events

Attack on Titans Collab event

The all-new Anime Collab, Attack on Titan skin series event is expected to be released on January 31st,  2024. The collaboration is with Attack on Titans anime, which is a popular anime that was concluded this year. The collab event would feature the main casts of the popular anime.

Image via MOONTON Games

The event would allow players to get very unique and exclusive in-game materials such as exclusive skins, Recall Effects, Emotes, Avatar Borders, and lots more. The Event layout would also be very similar to the Mistbenders event as the event-exclusive skins would also cost 1200 Crests.

Therefore, players accumulating enough Wings of Freedom Crests can exchange them for their desired exclusive reward. The following are the exchange rates for exclusive event rewards in the Exchange Shop:

  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Skins: 1200 Wings of Freedom Crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Avatar Border: 150 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Elimination Effects: 150 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Emotes: 32 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Sacred Statue: 100 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Recall Effects: 300 Wings of Freedom Crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Spawn Effects: 150 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Killing Notification effect: 225 Wings of Freedom crests
  • Attack on Titans Exclusive Name Chat Bubble: 400 Wings of Freedom crests

That’s all about the new things in Mobile Legends!

That’s all about the new leaks, as of February 2024 in Mobile Legends! Let us know in the comments below.

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