MLB Perfect Inning 24 March 2024 update brings Corey Seager as the featured athlete, new modes, and more

Corey Seager, a two-time World Series MVP, takes the spotlight as the Featured Athlete in MLB Perfect Inning 24, an officially MLB-licensed PVP mobile game developed by Gong Games and published by Com2uS Holdings. The March 2024 update marks the beginning of the new season, with Seager prominently featured and accompanied by a fresh set of Special Edition cards, enhanced multiplayer modes, and additional features.

Immerse yourself in America’s favorite pastime in MLB Perfect Inning 24 March 2024 update

In the latest edition, players are immersed in “America’s Favorite Pastime” with authentic team uniforms, rosters, and stadiums, experiencing real-time action. They can team up in co-op club battles, commanding baseball Legends of bygone eras like Hall of Famers Babe Ruth and Yogi Berra, while devising unique strategies to master pitching.

MLB Perfect Inning 24
Image via Com2uS

Corey Seager, a four-time All-Star and the current shortstop for the Texas Rangers, graces the title screen as the featured athlete. His card offers players improved stats compared to the previous season. Introducing the SE (Special Edition) PRIME LEGEND Card, showcasing legendary Major League players such as Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Yogi Berra, and Randy Johnson. These cards differ from others as they can acquire new skill slots and stat boosts, achieving the pinnacle of performance

Experience revitalized battles in MLB Perfect Inning 24 March 2024 update

Battles have been revitalized, with the addition of the Battle Slugger competition, accessible via the Battle Slugger Ticket. Players can choose between Single Battle or PVP Battle modes. In Single Battle, points accumulate over a week based on hitting distance and mission completion, while PVP Battle, resembling fighting games with an HP gauge, requires players to earn hitting points while depleting their opponent’s HP.

Real-time updates elevate the accuracy of the new season, mirroring the 2024 season with current team uniforms, stadiums, schedules, audiences, and scenes. To commemorate the season’s commencement, a Daily Login Event, Guide Missions, and other activities offer valuable items for both new and returning players.

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