Missouri teacher forced to quit after OnlyFans discovery

A US high school teacher who was placed on leave after district officials found out she had an adult content account has resigned and turned to her pornography career full-time.

Brianna Coppage, 28, told The Messenger that her decision stemmed from wanting the lives of the students she once taught to “return to normal.”

“I don’t want the school to continue getting hate,” Brianna — from Missouri — said to the outlet, according to Fox News Digital.

“I would like the education of students to be able to return to normal, they deserve to have a great year.”

The former English teacher at St. Clair High School double life came to light after district officials found out she had an account with the adults-only subscription service.

“Never do I think that students or children should have been exposed to this, and I truly believe had an adult not found it, and I was told that an adult is who reported it, students never would have known,” she said.

“I knew that nothing was ever going to be the same if I went back.”

Brianna said that she has suspicions who told district officials about her side hustle.

“I don’t want to fight the school district. I’m just ready for peace,” she said.

Following her official resignation, Brianna is turning her attention to pursuing pornography full-time, with her subscription service’s biography now reading, “Yes, I’m THAT teacher.”

She told The Messenger that having her face and name “plastered all around the world” has helped grow her following.

“I’ve gotten a lot of support on the site, so that’s definitely encouraging,” she said.

Coppage turned to OnlyFans to aid her AU$65,000 teacher salary, telling local outlets that she made a “financially driven” decision to start creating adult content over the summer as a way to supplement her salary and help with her students loans from her master’s degree.

The young woman told local outlets that her account added about AU$12,500 per month to the $65,000 she made last year as a teacher.

“There is this expectation that teachers should be the moral leaders of students, and I do not disagree with that,” Brianna previously told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“I taught the curriculum. I taught students reading and writing, and I didn’t guide them on my thoughts or beliefs. … And I can’t control what people think of me. I just know that who I am as a person, I’m not doing anything illegal. I am a good friend. I am a good family member. That is all I can think about right now.”

“I do not regret joining OnlyFans. I know it can be taboo, or some people may believe that it is shameful, but I don’t think sex work has to be shameful,” she said.

“I do just wish things just happened in a different way.”

Fox News Digital reached out to Brianna and the school district for comment.

This story originally appeared on Fox News Digital and reproduced with permission

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