Mid-Sized: A viral TikTok has unearthed the ridiculous plight of women

A viral TikTok has unearthed the ridiculous plight of average-sized women, and the reality is verging on baffling.

You may think if you are a woman who fits into standard sizing, there’d be less conversation around your body, but you’d be wrong.

Alexandria, a content creator who has amassed over 15 million likes on TikTok, created a video where she listed her experiences of being a mid-sized woman.

The blonde was decked out in skin-tight grey activewear as she talked her followers through her experience.

She said being mid-sized means the internet constantly debates if you’re thick or fat and that you don’t know how to describe your own body because it doesn’t just neatly fall into a particular category.

The creator explained that if you’re mid-sized, you’re never thin enough to wear smaller sizes but too small to shop in the plus-size section, and you also never know if you should buy a medium or large size because it changes depending on the brand.

She said it means people claiming that she you’re showing off your boobs when the reality is that you happen to have boobs.

The creator also said it means being mistaken as a plus-size queen and then awkwardly having to demonstrate you aren’t plus-size while also making it clear you aren’t trying to shade plus-size women because all women are beautiful.

The video made it clear that Alexandria’s body was something others felt they could debate, and it struck a chord, grabbing over 2 million views.

Sure, you might shrug your shoulders and assume that people comment on Alexandria’s mid-sized body because she’s a well-known creator, but women in the comments section were quick to jump in and confirm her experiences.

One said she found being mid-sized difficult because people could never agree on whether she was fat or not.

“I just hate that to half the people I’m not fat and half the people I am fat,” she commented.

Similarly, another said being a mid-sized woman meant wearing anything from a size small to a size extra-large because they all “fit”.

One said that she found being “in-between” hard because she felt like people liked either smaller girls or bigger.

While someone else claimed they couldn’t mention their body type on social media without it becoming a debate.

“It starts an argument. If I say I’m midsize, people say I’m not, but if I say I’m plus size,” she revealed.

Someone else said being mid-sized means your pants are too loose when you stand and too tight when you sit.

The term mid-sized became popular internet slang to describe the in-between women.

In recent years, there’s been far more content and conversation about plus-size women, and the whole world has always been geared towards smaller women, but what about the women in between?

It’s hard to put a clothing size around what it means to be midsize, but usually, if you identify as mid-sized, you’re wearing between sizes 12 to 16.

You’re not small enough to be considered petite or to be called skinny, but you also aren’t plus-size; you’re smack bang in the middle, and people can’t shut up about it.

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