Men are buying LEGO flowers this Valentine’s Day

If it is 4pm and you see a bunch of tradies hovering around the $25 flower section at the supermarket, that can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is upon us.

Valentine’s Day is all about roses, chocolates and everlasting love, but in Australia, it also involves stressed men in flocking to the budget floral section in a blind panic.

It is the Aussie twist on the romantic holiday; a bunch of flowers jammed into a 10 cent bag from Coles is romance.

Extra points if they splurge on a box of Lindt or Roses chocolates.

Now, a modern update on the tradition has been revealed, with blokes skipping their frantic last-minute supermarket trips and heading straight for the Lego store.

Why are they there?

Don’t panic. Men haven’t gone completely rogue. They are there armed with debit cards to buy those viral Lego $99.99 red roses.

A TikTok that amassed over 8 million views exposed the new trend, with video showcasing a sea of men in button-ups looking like they’d just finished work.

Yesterday, there was a cue of men with plastic roses tucked under their arms scrolling through their phones while they waited to be served.

Some people thought it was “cute” and an example that men understood the “assignment” this year.

Others found it “funny” to see that men think the same, and plenty of women were commenting, revealing they hoped they’d be getting Lego flowers this year.

Though some people online were “annoyed” that the trend of men leaving present buying until the day before is still alive and thriving.

“Why does it annoy me that they do it one day before? Like they had no idea what to get her and just got it,” one asked.

The TikTok also revealed that celebrating Valentine’s Day hasn’t been labelled a cringe-worthy Millennial habit by the younger generation.

Seeing a bunch of men lined up at the Lego store is certainly proof of that, one of them was so young he was wearing a backwards hat!

Online, young people have been sharing how excited they are for the holiday and they certainly aren’t rolling their eyes at it.

One Gen Zer went viral for sharing that “real” men do romantic things for their partners. Another grabbed millions of views for posting a clip that showed how many people were walking around with flowers in Sydney’s CBD and said it made her “happy” to see.

Young women in droves were also sharing tips on celebrating Valentine’s Day; others were offering outfit inspiration, and one woman took a video of a supermarket flower display and said it was proof that it was “easy” for men to make an effort on Valentine’s Day.

Love is certainly in the air for the youngest generation and the men are willing to line up for it.

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