Melbourne dad holding baby blasts bus passengers in viral video

A new dad has expressed his shock over a “rude” bus act after no one offered up their seat while he was travelling with his baby during Melbourne’s pride festival.

In a now viral video, Melbourne user “out.and.a.pout” filmed himself holding his newborn baby while standing in a packed bus during Melbourne’s ongoing Midsumma Festival.

“Melbourne, I am shocked! And on a day where we’re literally celebrating inclusivity,” he captioned the video, which has wracked up 1.2 million views.

“Not a single person offered up their seat.”

He added he was “ashamed” over the incident and noted “people are so rude” in a series of hashtags.

The video has divided many online, with some suggesting the dad and baby have no extra claim to a seat.

“Can you show me the sign that says we need to let dads holding babies sit down in the priority seating?” one person wrote.

“I don’t offer my seat. I’m sorry but I found a seat so I’m keeping it. Age etc doesn’t make you entitled to a seat,” another remarked.

“Just (because) you have a child doesn’t mean you deserve the seat more than anyone else,” another commented.

However, others came to the man’s defence, arguing many have lost respect and common decency to not offer their seat for an infant.

“A lot of people are so engrossed in themselves, that they’ve lost the ability to be decent, thoughtful humans,” one commenter said.

“People have no sense of community and helping others in need anymore. If you don’t help others do not expect help when its your turn,” said another.

“I would have made a scene,” another wrote.

Other parents and expectant mothers shared they had experienced the same issue, with some suggesting other passengers have actively avoided eye contact with them to avoid giving up their seat.

“I was 37 weeks pregnant on a non-aircon bus in the middle of summer standing in front of a family with four sons all under 15 years old and they all just looked at me like I was an inconvenience,” wrote one person.

“I’m pregnant and would still 100 per cent offer up a seat to someone with a newborn. These comments are insane,” said another.

“People push past me every morning on the way to work to get a seat before me, and I’m 28 weeks pregnant,” another wrote.

“I’ve had my belly literally touching someone’s head on a packed train and they refused to make eye contact with me so they don’t have to get up … No one has any decency these days.”

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