McDonald’s Australia launches chocolate soft serve ice cream nationwide

McDonald’s Australia has announced the chocolate iteration of its iconic soft serve ice cream is now a permanent fixture – and will finally be available nationwide.

After trialling in select stores across NSW, Queensland and South Australia over the past 12 months, the decadent flavour is on menus in all restaurants, via the MyMacca’s app or McDelivery – “doubling” the Golden Arches’ dessert range.

Customers can request chocolate in lieu of vanilla not just in their cones, but in their sundae or McFlurry.

To mark the “highly anticipated” launch, Macca’s is taking the new flavour “on tour” from now until February 10, with a soft serve van travelling across the country to select locations in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

“This summer is chocolate soft serve summer,” McDonald’s Australia senior brand manager Liz Whitbread said.

“With chocolate soft serve being our biggest addition to our permanent dessert’s menu since the McFlurry, it’s only fitting we celebrate in a big way.”

It comes after the most-requested McDonald’s product ever – the McRib – made its return to Aussie shores last week, for a limited time only.

First introduced in the US in 1981, the McRib contains a boneless pork patty shaped like a small rack of ribs, and is plated up with smoky BBQ McRib sauce, pickles and onions.

The burger has been requested by fans across social media more than 327 times in the last year – and is returning to Australia for the first time since 2020.

Alongside it, the Chicken Big Mac, Onion Rings, and a Tim Tam Chocolate McFlurry round out Macca’s summer menu offerings.

“With one of our most epic summer menu line-ups of all time, we look forward to bringing people and flavours together this summer by serving up our great tasting, great quality menu and providing more feel-good moments for our customers across the warmer months,” McDonald’s Australia marketing director Samantha McLeod said.

“No matter your plans, we’re here to make your summer memorable, because Macca’s and the Aussie summer are an unbeatable combination.”

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