McDonald’s Australia customers fury over Milo McFlurry additions

Aussies went wild for the nostalgia of Maccas’ new Milo McFlurry but now customers are furious at one key detail.

News first broke of the Milo McFlurry coming to Aussie menus in August, after food blogger @nectoriouspapi took to social media with an advertorial mock-up.

Macca’s confirmed the dessert was indeed coming back but did not reveal the dates.

Now, the $4 dessert is available across the country – but one TikTok food blogger has pointed out a key detail that is infuriating customers.

TikTok user @russeats took to the social media platform to reveal that the Milo McFlurry could not be customised.

He shows on the MyMaccas app that if purchasing another McFlurry – such as the Oreo one – it could be customised to add Flakes or M&Ms to it.

But, when ordering the Milo McFlurry on the app no customisations are possible.

“I thought this was a glitch so I went through the drive through and couldn’t add anything – they actually put the hot fudge in a cup separate and I had to scoop it in,” he said.

“This is unAustralian, by the way, they’re trying to control us. They’re ruining the best dessert we’ve ever had.”

A Macca’s spokesperson addressed the issue, confirming no changes could be made to the dessert.

“The McFlurry made with MILO is a very special and unique flavour combination, available for a limited time only,” the spokesperson said.

“We hope customers enjoy the iconic and unbeatable pairing of Macca’s soft serve with Milo chocolate malt powder, for the taste and crunch you know and love,” the spokesperson said.

The dessert made a splash earlier this week, with many rushing to get their hands on the iconic dessert.

TikTok user @bynessa_ took to the social media platform after rushing to Macca’s to try the vanilla ice cream topped with Milo.

“It’s probably the most Aussie Macca’s item to ever exist,” Nessa said.

“It tastes pretty good but in all honesty it just tastes like vanilla ice cream with a scoop of Milo. I feel like it would be better with chocolate soft serve with Milo nuggets on top.”

Another social media user, @rachel.farrugia, took to TikTok to share her thoughts on the McFlurry.

“There is a pretty decent amount of Milo. I thought it would come with a chocolate fudge swirl,” Rachel said.

“It is just ice cream and Milo but the nostalgia of like spoons and Milo as a kid – this is actually really yum.”

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