Man slammed for ‘humiliating’ bride on their wedding day

A groom has been called out for “humiliating” his bride on their wedding day after he held up a sign reading “help me” while the couple were at the alter.

Footage of the wedding showed the bride and groom standing in front of guests at the alter while the man pulls the piece of paper out of his pocket.

The bride is left stunned, wacking her soon-to-be husband with her bouquet of flowers.

The video has caused a stir online, with TikTok user @lifecoachshawn saying; “What is it about a man at the alter with a woman he proposed to, right before he promises to love, honour and cherish her, that makes him want to humiliate that woman?”

Speculation about the video’s authenticity has emerged as there are several clips emerging online that show different reactions from the bridge at different angles.

However, the clip does show a growing trend of men making their wives the butt of the joke on their wedding day.

Several other social media users were outraged by the man’s actions.

“Whyyyy do these people beg for a girl to go out with them, cry if she tries to leave, propose to her, spend a tons of money on a wedding then do this,” one person commented.

One pointed out the bride looked “crushed” by the groom’s act.

“Choose any other day to make those jokes, wedding is not that day,” another said.

“I would leave him at the altar … and see who gets the real humiliation. Real love = respect period,” one added.

Another said: “The way the bride is genuinely excited to hear what he has to say until she realises.”

It’s not the first time that a video of a groom’s wedding act has left social media telling the bride to run.

Michael and Destiny Lentini had their wedding in Plant City, Florida, after a decade together.

Videographer Jonathan Pajak capture the wedding, and uploaded a video of Michael’s vows to his TikTok @lensculture.

“Only two things are required to keep me happy – keep my belly full and my balls empty,” Michael began his vows.

“You’re amazing at half of it, but we really need to get you some cooking lessons.”

Another said: “Believe a man when he says this … run. Sheesh, this made me want to stay single forever.”

Another added: “I feel so bad for her. She was so genuine and this was his response. I hope she finds a way out.”

But the bride said the couple had been together a decade and her husband’s comments weren’t a red flag, in her opinion.

In another video, footage of an unidentified couple leaving a church after saying “I do” has been widely shared by outraged social media users after many spotted the groom was on his phone as he walked hand-in-hand with his new wife.

On Twitter, the clip has been viewed more than 40 million times, with many declaring: “This marriage is over.”

In the shocking video, which was originally shared by TikTok user @CynthiaUmunze and has since been deleted, the groom appears to be virtually glued to his device as his bride gives guests a beaming smile while they exit the church.

Once outside, the bride appears to confront her new husband about his phone faux pas, and the pair share what seems to be a few cross words.

However, the issue is quickly dropped as the couple walked down the stairs, and the bride gives a wide smile to the camera.

But it’s fair to say, social media users weren’t buying it, with many it was “disrespectful” and doesn’t bode well for their future.

“He’s a clown for being on that damn phone,” one TikTok user remarked.

“Who on earth is he texting?” another pressed.

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