Man discovers his Arabic tattoo doesn’t mean what he thought

Hoping to get a meaningful tattoo, one man asked his artist to pen what he thought meant “no regrets” on his body – but it didn’t go to plan.

Jordan decided to get a rather large Arabic tattoo placed across his ribcage, however the ink on his torso doesn’t mean what he was hoping it would when he spoke to the artist.

While he wanted it to say, “no regrets,” it actually said, “Stephanie” – a name that holds no meaning to him, The Sun reported.

Recounting how he made the discovery in a clip, he said he was out at a club with a friend who dated a person that spoke Arabic.

“There were three people there that spoke Arabic and they confirmed this,” he said of the bad tattoo.

“Someone even asked them, ‘Are you f***ing with him?’ And they were like, ‘No. It actually means Stephanie’.”

He even googled “Stephanie” in Arabic and flashed it to the camera to prove that was indeed what was scrawled on the side of his stomach.

As for how the fail went down, it was a simple, impulsive mistake.

“I will say, it’s not the tattoo artist’s fault at all. It’s mine,” he said.

“I didn’t do proper research. I think I was drunk or high when I got it. It was that day that I just googled ‘no regrets in Arabic,’ and I got the first thing I saw.”

He admitted he didn’t look more into it and simply showed the artist the image to copy.

Multiple Arabic-speaking followers confirmed his story, with one writing: “Yup. That def says Stephanie … I’m dying. This is a great story.”

And while he thought about removing it, he said his husband thinks he should keep it, “because it’s iconic”.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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