Macca’s trialling new menu item in select Australian restaurants

Macca’s has confirmed a secret new menu item after it was spotted by fans — but not everyone can get their hands on it.

The fast-food giant is trialling Wavy Fries, a crinkle-cut chip that is much thicker than the fries Aussies are used to.

Despite only being sold in select stores, the new menu item – which have previously been sold in France – it hasn’t dampened enthusiasm for the potato snack.

“McDonald’s Australia is currently trialling Wavy Fries in select restaurants across New South Wales,” a Macca’s spokesperson confirmed to

“We look forward to hearing our customers’ feedback and sharing more details in the future.”

Macca's trials new item

Macca’s were unable to confirm exactly which stores have it, but social media users have claimed to have found them at Penrith’s Peachtree, St Ives, Northmead and Mount Colah.

Ness, who runs popular TikTok account @dessertaddictsanonymous, said she visited the Peachtree in order to try the trial menu item.

“I was so excited to see it on the menu board. I ordered the large Wavy Fries but to my disappointment it was only half full,” she said.

“The Wavy Fries tasted like a thinner version of potato wedges. The fries tasted quite yummy but I don’t think I really loved them.”

Despite her disappointment, many revealed in the comments section they thoroughly enjoyed the new menu item.

“We got them at Penrith (Peachtree) store last week. They were really good,” one shared.

“They’re delish, tried them last night,” another agreed.

Meanwhile other Aussies were annoyed the trial wasn’t happening in their local area, expressing their frustration at the situation.

“These are not in Adelaide. Wish they were,” one social media user said.

Another commiserated: “Are these in Victoria? Want them so bad!”

“Why are these only in Penrith? They aren’t anywhere else,” one social media user commented.

“We need these in Adelaide stores,” another social media user said.

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