Macca’s giving away free fries and a Coke with return of Big Mac challenge

McDonald’s has brought back one of its most memorable jingles – and Aussies who can still recite the song will be able to score free fries and a Coke.

The fast-food giant’s iconic “Big Mac Chant” appeared in adverts during the 70s, featuring the catchy lyrics that revealed every ingredient in the popular menu item.

If you’ve forgotten how it goes, you’re not alone, but let us refresh your memory: “Two all-beef patties Special Sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun.”

Back in the day, diners who could sing the tongue-twister in less than four seconds scored a free Big Mac, but this time around the Macca’s is slinging free sides with the cult-burger for every successful singer.

“Australia, warm up those vocal cords and prepare to have a new song stuck in your head because the Big Mac Chant is back with a bang,” Samantha McLeod, Marketing Director for McDonald’s Australia, said.

“The Big Mac is a global icon and one of our most popular menu items, so it only felt right we celebrate its rich heritage with old and new generations of Big Mac fans, while creating even more feel-good moments for our customers.

She continued: “It’s harder to say than it is to eat, but the faster you say it, the faster you win, so the only question is: can you say the Big Mac chant in four seconds?”

The original adverts, which ran during the 70s, featured an array of different people trying to sing the lyrics to the jingle in less than four seconds.

Macca’s has also recreated the classic commercial, using nostalgic clips alongside new ones, with the modern variation proving to be equally as fun.

To take part in the challenge, customers can use the Big Mac Chant video filter on Snapchat or enter via an audio recording on the MyMacca’s app.

If successfully completed, you can earn a free small Coke and Fries by purchasing Mac Jr, Big Mac, Double Big Mac or a Grand Big Mac.

The launch of the Big Mac Chant Challenge follows the return of the Mac Family which last graced our Macca’s menus in 2021 for the fast food restaurant’s 50th anniversary.

However, the different variations of the cult-burger, which are being sold alongside onion rings, are only available for a limited-time.

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