Macca’s brings back Sprite after removing it from Australian menu, replacing it with Zero version

Macca’s has backflipped on its decision to axe a popular soft drink from its menu after copping huge backlash for replacing it with the “zero sugar” version.

The fast-food chain removed Sprite from Australian menus in October 2022, leaving fans of the fizzy drink “devastated” by the move, with many stating the sugar-free alternative “isn’t the same”.

But following a huge public outcry, McDonald’s Australia has decided to reverse its decision, now revealing to customers can buy both versions at its restaurants.

“In response to customer feedback, McDonald’s will be transitioning from Sprite Zero Sugar to Sprite across restaurants nationwide from April to June,” a spokesperson said.

“We regularly review and evolve our menu to meet changing consumer tastes and preferences.

“At McDonald’s, we are committed to providing great tasting, great value food and drinks our customers know and love.”

Macca’s added Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Frozen Coke Zero Sugar will also continue to be available for customers looking for low to no sugar alternatives.

TikTok foodie @nectoriouspapi told his 53,000 followers the drink was returning in a video shared recently.

“It’s back,” he said. “Let’s keep it on the menu permanently.”

The burger giant’s 180 comes after Australians were left spewing over Macca’s decision to remove “normal” Sprite from menus.

Popular food blogger Russ Eats broke the news at the time after finding himself unable to order a medium Sprite at a McDonald’s drive-through in Newcastle, declaring the restaurant had “done the dirty” on customers.

While the server had taken his order without a flinch, Russ noticed the drink went through as the no-sugar version.

“Do you have a normal Sprite, that says Sprite Zero on the screen,” he pointed out.

The McDonald’s employee explained the burger franchise no longer sells regular Sprite, stating: “We’ve only got Sprite no sugar, sorry.”

Fury as Macca’s scraps popular menu item

His video quickly blew up, with many declaring it was “the best drink”, and called for Macca’s to “bring it back”.

“NOOO. McDonald’s Sprite was the best drink,” one said.

“They removed the best drink,” another wrote.


“What’s everyone gonna do to fix their hangover now? We need the little sugar rush,” another pointed out.

Others argued it would make more sense to offer both beverages, asking: “Why can’t they have both options so people can make the decision themselves?”

“Why get rid of one when you can have options?” another questioned.

Not everyone was upset by the introduction of Sprite Zero, with many stating it was “better” than the original.

“Run, don’t walk,” one said.

“Finally,” another stated.

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