Low seafood prices at Coles, Woolies: Great news for Australian Christmas menu

A “once-in-10-years” catch has led to plummeting seafood prices at Australia’s major supermarkets just in time for a classic Aussie Christmas.

Coles and Woolworths announced the oversupply of fresh prawns earlier this month, saying it will mean lower prices at the checkout.

“It wouldn’t be an Aussie Christmas without seafood. Our team has been working closely with our dedicated suppliers for the last 12 months to ensure Woolworths customers can enjoy quality seafood at great value as part of their festive spread,” Tim Dudding, Woolworths’ commercial director for seafood, said.

Prices are largely on par or lower than they were at Christmas last year, both supermarkets said, but there are a few items that can bring in serious savings.

Particularly enticing is the price of raw banana prawns — $14 a kilo at both Coles and Woolies, significantly down from $22 a kilo last year.

Coles attributed the low price to a “once-in-10-years” catch.

By comparison, Australia’s favourite supermarket Aldi doesn’t stock fresh prawns but offers frozen tiger prawns for $26.99 a kilo.

Western rock lobsters are also impressively cheap at $22 each at Coles and $23 at Woolworths, not far off the unprecedentedly low prices seen during an oversupply in 2020.

A frozen two-pack at Aldi, weighing about 380g, is $34.99.

Other notable offers include Coles’ Australian cooked fresh black tiger prawns, down from $38 to $30 a kilo until December 27 (excluding WA), Woolworths’ jumbo prawn skewers at $10 for 240g, down from $13, and Woolworths’ premium smoked salmon at $25 for 500g, down from $29.

Aldi, Coles and Woolworths all began slashing prices as early as October in a bid to win over cost-conscious shoppers — including by revealing three-course menus to feed a family of eight for $100 or less.

About 150 items had their prices slashed at Woolies, including roast pork loin (down from $14 per kilo to $12), pavlova bases (down from $9.20 to $6) and four-pack of Bundaberg Sparkling ($7.45 down to $5.15).

It’s welcome relief for shoppers, who have shouldered massive grocery price hikes this year as inflation grew by 5.6 per cent.

Bread and cereal prices are up 8.9 per cent and dairy products have climbed 8 per cent.

Australian budgets have been further tightened by skyrocketing petrol prices (up 19.7 per cent), electricity bills (up 18 per cent) and rents (7.6 per cent).

Woolworths Christmas Menu


  • Thomas Dux English Vintage Cheddar 200g – $5.00
  • Thomas Dux Wild Boar salami 80g – $6.00
  • Woolworths mixed gourmet olives 110g – $3.50
  • Woolworths Cracked Pepper Water Crackers 125g – $1


  • Woolworths Half Leg Ham (based on 4kg ham) – $32.00
  • Woolworths Honey (to glaze ham) – $5.70
  • Woolworths fresh rosemary (for garnish) – $3.20
  • Woolworths Mango champagne vinaigrette salad kit – $5.80
  • Woolworths Cranberry Kaleslaw kit 350g – $5.00
  • Woolworths Brushed Potatoes Bag 2kg – $4.00


  • Woolworths Pavlova Base – $6.00
  • Woolworths Thickened Cream 600ml – $4.50
  • Woolworths Frozen Mixed Berries 500g – $6.20
  • Woolworths fresh mint – $3.20

Total cost — $91.10

Coles Christmas Menu


  • Coles Herb-Crusted Salmon 700g – $24
  • Coles Bakery French Stick – $1.90


  • Coles Single Smoked Beechwood Half-Leg Ham 4.5kg – $36
  • Coles Christmas Ham Glaze 200g – $5
  • Smashed crispy roast Carisma Potatoes 2kg – $7.50
  • Coles Kitchen Green Goddess Salad Kits 350g x 2 – 2 for $11


  • Coles Finest Luxury Jewelled Fruit Cake 800g – $12.50

Total cost — $97.90

Aldi Christmas Menu


  • Ocean Royale Garlic & Herb Butterflied Prawns 400g – $13.99
  • Ocean Royale Lobster Puff Pastry Canapés 8pk/240g – $6.99


  • Farmwood Turducken Roast 1.5kg – $29.99
  • Market Fare Broccoli or Cauliflower Bake 800g – $6.99
  • Seasons Pride Duck Fat Potatoes 600g – $4.99
  • Roast carrots (1kg bag of carrots) – $1.99
  • Instant Gravy – $1.99


  • Kringle & Co Plum Pudding 700g – $5.29
  • Vanilla Custard 1k – $2.79
  • Kringle & Co Traditional Fruit Mince Pies – $3.39

Total cost — $78.40

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