Lori Greiner shares optical illusion of pair of sneakers

A picture of a pair of sneakers has lit up social media as thousands of people debate what colour they are.

Lori Greiner, an American entrepreneur who has appeared on Shark Tank, took to social media with the claim: “This is going to blow your mind.”

She held up a sneaker and asked what colour her followers saw when they looked at the shoe.

Those who see the shoe being pink and white have a more dominant right side of their brain. Those who see turquoise and grey have a more dominant left side of the brain.

Right brain dominance is characterised as people with traits such as being more emotional, intuitive, and creative. On the other hand, left brain people are more orderly, logical and analytical.

The brain works as a whole, but there is a persistent myth that one side is stronger than the other in each person, according to Healthline.

The image, which initially surfaced in 2019. But it has resurfaced and been viewed more than seven million times in little over a week.

“I can’t even conceive how someone sees turquoise,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “How can u not see turquoise and grey.”

“Grey and turquoise! It’s surprising people are seeing pink and white,” one social media user commented.

Another asserted: “There is noooOOooO way anyone sees grey and turquoise.”

“I can see both combinations. I saw the turquoise and grey first and then a minute later after pausing I see the pink and white,” one social media user revealed.

One added: “Am I the only one that sometimes sees it turquoise and others pink?”

“My man said brown and white I don’t think he has a brain,” one cheeky TikTok user commented.

Another said: “I saw this pic two years ago and saw grey and turquoise now I only see pink and white.”

One simply said: “We’re not doing this again.”

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