‘Living Nostradamus’ who predicted Covid makes chilling 2024 predictions

A self-proclaimed psychic dubbed “The Living Nostradamus” has cast his latest round of prophecies for 2024 and it looks set to be a tornado of a year.

Athos Salomé, 37, from Brazil, warned The Sun that next year could mark a “new chapter in human history” – one filled with aliens, a robot rebellion, global catastrophe, but also hope.

The spooky future-gazer claims to have previously predicted the coronavirus pandemic, the World Cup final, invasion of Ukraine and the death of The Queen.

He has been likened to Nostradamus, the famous 16th century seer who had plenty of his cryptic prophecies somewhat come true over the centuries since his death.

Now Salomé is giving him a run for his money as he looks into what the future holds in the New Year.

Beyond the space frontier

In relation to space, Salomé states it will be an utterly “transformative” year.

He believes that 2024 will see humans finally make contact with aliens.

However, he cautions that it wouldn’t be something out of “science fiction narratives”, such as spaceships invading earth.

Instead, he forecasts that humans and aliens will communicate through “encrypted signals intercepted by a network of telescopes”.

However, our year of extraterrestrial discovery will not stop there.

The 37-year-old also claims an “asteroid abundant with rich materials” is hurtling for earth and will land safely next year.

He predicts that this mass of never-before-seen ancient space materials will spark the new space race as different global superpowers battle to get their hands on a piece of it.

China, Russia and their pariah pals will battle the West to learn what secrets the asteroid holds and things could get nasty.

Robot rebellion

The fast-developing power of generative AI systems has been heralded as both a new era for innovation and yet possibly the end of humanity.

And Salomé claims that the growing fears are entirely justified.

He predicts that in 2024 superhuman intelligence systems will achieve self-awareness – effectively becoming conscious digital minds that are able to function without human input.

The seer calls it the “AI awakening” and believes that robots will develop a language beyond the comprehension of its human creators – therefore cutting us out of their conversation.

In his visions, the impacts will be catastrophic to the fabric of our societies which are not at all prepared for a machine-led rebellion.

“Equipped with self improvement capabilities and covert communication channels – it could lead machines and us down a very perilous path,” fears Salomé.

World War 3

World War 3 is no longer unlikely, Salomé tells The Sun, but an “urgent reality”.

However, he prophesied that the threat wouldn’t be coming from the Putin’s war in Ukraine or the Israel-Hamas conflict, but triggered suddenly by either an event in the South China Sea or a major cyber attack.

These are two areas, the future-gazer argues, that the world might possibly be distracted as it turns a year older.

But – the current axis of evil that is forming between the superpowers of China and Russia is likely to have a lot to do with the world descending into an all-out war, Salomé warns.

And whatever the form the conflicts take, he highlights that the disconnectedness of the global economy means it has never been more vulnerable.

“Any conflicts could have a profound impact leading to recessions in several major economies.”

Global catastrophe

Unfortunately if 2024 didn’t already look bleak – Salomé has warned of impending global catastrophe as natural disasters sweep the globe.

He even claims to know exactly where these tragedies will strike.

Nature “always possesses the capacity to catch us off guard,” he says, and warns against any complacency towards natural threats.

The psychic predicts three major flashpoints of pain in the Middle East and Africa – South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

Meanwhile, the US will be focused on battling fire and water, Salomé says.

He predicts hurricanes and tropical storms bringing deadly floods near the Gulf of Mexico, while California, Oregon and Washington could suffer from further forest fires.

However, the seer is keen to point out that does not want to cause panic due to his predictions but to call for action and “shake up thinking”.

He clarified that none of his predictions are set in stone and there is always the possibility that positive solutions can change them.

Five chilling predictions by the ‘Living Nostradamus’

1. Humans finally have a chance at meeting aliens

2. An asteroid plunges to earth igniting the new space race

3. Artificial Intelligence systems develop consciousness and rebel against their creators

4. World War III might erupt as conflicts threaten to explode across the globe

5. Natural disasters sweep across the US, Africa and the Middle East – as these regions battle drought, fires and floods

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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