List of mobile titles arriving this October 2023

Netflix Games has been on a grind recently as they have been expanding their gaming catalog with new titles quite consistently. The platform, Netflix Games has just announced two new titles namely, Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill and Dead Cells: Netflix Edition will be released in October 2023 for both Android and iOS via the platform.

Netflix continues to stack up its catalog of games with the addition of a variety of premium titles

Netflix Games already now has a quite diverse range of games on their list that has been added to the platform recently. They added a bunch of games this summer and now are adding 2 more this month. The new titles that will be added this month to the platform are Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill and Dead Cells: Netflix Edition. With both titles being of different genres, it will add to the diversity of the titles and the range of different games that are available on the platform. Following are the details of the games being added to the platform.

1. Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill 

Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill brings the puzzle game featuring Skullface to Netflix. The game will be a deadly puzzle-themed game that will take the players on an epic survival journey as they try and manage to escape each level in the game, with each having a different layout and deadly traps spawning all across the map.

The game will challenge the players to their core as they brainstorm on the necessary and needful actions required to escape the deadly dungeon. The game is spread across a variety of different maps and features a mix of unique and deadly monsters which would make the escape from the dungeon even more dangerous and difficult. The game will be an interesting addition to the platform and players and fans can access it on both Android and iOS.

2. Dead Cells: Netflix Edition

Now for the game, Dead Cells: Netflix Edition, not many details have been released by the platform regarding the release, however, the famous title, Dead Cells will be available for players on Netflix Games this October. The series needs no introduction and it is pretty famous among the fans of spooky gaming titles. Dead Cells: Netflix Edition by the looks of it would be the DLC addition to the series being made available for players on Netflix Games.

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As stated before the release date has not been released however the game can be expected to be released for both platforms Android and iOS. The game will take the players on a bloody journey where death is part of the experience, every time a player dies he unlocks more powers and skills to work with and explore the unexplored. Hence the name Dead Cells does suit the game.

It is fair to say that these additions will not be the last for the platform, and more games can be anticipated to be added to the platform in the coming months. Players should closely follow the official website and the social media handles of Netflix to make sure that they stay updated with news regarding new games being released for the platform.

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