List of layoffs in the Gaming Industry in 2024

2023 was a disappointing year for layoffs and looks like 2024 is continuing that trend. The gaming industry has some shakes already, and thus this isn’t a nice sign at all. Regrettably, within the first month of 2024, more than 5,000 workers in the games industry have already experienced job losses. So, let us see the list of companies and the layoffs or shut downs that happened within them in 2024 that come across as an upset in the gaming industry.

Gaming Industry Layoffs in 2024

From major studios to smaller game development teams, be it mobile or AAA studios, the industry experienced shifts that captured attention and sparked discussions. For the same, we can consider the industry dynamics, economic factors, and any official statements from the companies involved. So, below are the details you need to know about the layoffs in 2024.

Company Date Layoffs Description
Archiact Jan 4, 2024 Unknown Layoffs announced at VR games developer Archiact, with the company providing support through reverse recruiting.
Bossa Studios Jan 5, 2024 19 19 layoffs at Bossa Studios, primarily in QA and production roles as well as non-UK employees.
Unity Jan 8, 2024 1,800 Unity confirmed plans to cut nearly 25% of its staff by the end of March, marking the largest layoffs in its history.
Twitch Jan 9, 2024 500 Twitch also lay off 500 employees, around 35% of its total staff.
Behaviour Interactive Jan 9-11, 2024 45 Behaviour Interactive reportedly laid off about 45 people in its Montreal studio, affecting various departments.
Playtika Jan 11, 2024 300-400 Playtika went for a lay off of close to 10% of its workforce.
Discord Jan 11, 2024 170 Discord laid off around 17% of its total staff, citing the need to sharpen focus and improve agility.
PTW Jan 11, 2024 45 PTW laid off about 45 people, mostly QA staffers, citing the need to reduce the workforce in several countries.
Lost Boys Interactive Jan 12, 2024 125 Layoffs at Gearbox-owned Lost Boys Interactive, affecting various disciplines, confirmed former producer via LinkedIn post.
Funselektor Jan 12, 2024 3 Canadian indie studio Funselektor laid off three developers.
Double Loop Games Jan 15, 2024 Unknown Double Loop Games shuts down, with the closure announced by Emily Greer, co-founder, in a post on LinkedIn.
Netspeak Games Jan 16, 2024 25 Netspeak Games confirmed laying off 25 people, citing the need to adapt its structure in the challenging gaming industry.
Thunderful Jan 17, 2024 100-105 Thunderful Group announced a restructuring plan, including laying off 20% of its workforce out of 525 current.
Pixelberry Studios Jan 17, 2024 Unknown Nexon-owned Pixelberry Studios cut an unknown number of employees, as confirmed by a former employee.
Wimo Games Jan 17, 2024 35 Austin-based Wimo Games closed its doors, laying off 35 people, confirms a former employee via LinkedIn post.
CI Games Jan 18, 2024 15-20 CI Games cuts off around 10% of its staff, impacting employees at Hexworks and Underdog.
31st Union Jan 18, 2024 <10 31st Union laid off less than 10 employees, as part of ongoing efforts to support the studio.
Com2uS Jan 18, 2024 Unknown Com2uS laid off a two-digit number of employees, optimizing projects due to market and management conditions.
NCSoft Jan 18, 2024 70 NCSoft shut down subsidiary Ntreev Soft and laid all 70 of its employees.
Netmarble F&C Jan 19, 2024 70 Netmarble laid off about 70 people in its metaverse-focused subsidiary, citing the need to streamline and cut costs.
Little Red Dog Games Jan 22, 2024 27 Little Red Dog Games shut down, affecting 27 people, with the COO confirming with his LinkedIn post.
Riot Games Jan 22, 2024 530 Riot Games announced cutting 11% of its workforce, primarily due to winding down Riot Forge and reducing Legends of Runeterra development.
One Player Mission Jan 23, 2024 15 OPM announced its closure, affecting 15 employees, due to challenges in the games industry.
Reikon Games Jan 23, 2024 60-70 Reikon Games laid off about 60 to 70 people, around 56% of the total company, citing budget limitations and a sudden reduction in scope for their next game.
WarDucks Jan 23, 2024 10 Mobile game developer WarDucks ended its journey after going out of business.
People Can Fly Jan 24, 2024 30+ People Can Fly laid off over 30 people, citing budget limitations and a shrinking scope for their unannounced game, Project Gemini.
Black Forest Games Jan 24, 2024 50 Black Forest Games cut roughly 50% of its workforce, affecting about 55 employees, with more information promised next week.
Microsoft Jan 25, 2024 1,900 Microsoft laid off 1,900 people, approximately 8.6% of its gaming workforce, across various gaming businesses, including Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax.

The list will be updated as announcements come further, although we wish it doesn’t since people losing the jobs they love in an industry beaming with creativity is not a good sight.

Final Thoughts

Well, to sum things up, the layoffs in the gaming industry in 2024 just paint a picture that not every day is sunny, there will be moments of gloom too. The industry does give out some interesting ideas, yes, but there are times when things don’t work out for either party, the players as well as the developers, and hence we can see both mobile game shut downs and closure of studios in more numbers.

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While the news of layoffs can be discouraging, these are things that sometimes cannot be avoided. The decisions need to be taken, either to bring better products or cut losses and move on. Hopefully, as I mentioned earlier, this is the end of what we know as the damaging process of layoffs and further progress as a whole so that there will be no more layoffs.

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