LG Styler: Insane laundry device you absolutely don’t need, but will inexplicably want

Dry cleaning is one of those tasks many of us dread – but now you don’t have to leave the house to get the annoying job done.

The LG Styler is a home clothing care system that uses steam to refresh garments and reduce wrinkles – eradicating the need to lug those garments we all have lurking at the back of our wardrobes to the dry cleaners.

LG designed the Styler to deodorise, refresh, and sanitise clothing without using chemicals, by using the brand’s signature TrueSteam technology.

It combines a thorough steaming process with movement, which comes from the hanging rail at the top of the cabinet that effectively shakes out creases, to dislodge dirt and dust, and leave clothes fresh and clean.

While it has been available to buy in Australia since 2019, videos of the nifty gadget – which retail for $2499 for a 3 garment closet and $2999 for a five piece one – have been garnering attention on social media recently.

Gold Coast DJ Fisher recently came across the device in a hotel room while travelling the world performing.

“Mate, how sick is this thing?” he stated in a viral TikTok video that has been viewed over 300,000 times.

“A dry cleaner in your own home. Wow.”

The popular music producer went on to explain that after playing his show, he’d popped his sweaty shirt into the “dry cleaning fridge”, and was amazed by how clean and dry it was just 40 minutes later.

“Are you kidding? That’s unbelievable,” he continued in apparent disbelief.

“I’m getting one of these when I get home.”

He’s not the only person who has noticed its likeness to a fridge, with some viewers left scratching their heads, wondering why people were placing their clothes in the common kitchen appliance.

“Is no one going to talk about his shirts being in a fridge?” one user remarked on a video posted by influencer couple @rayandjanny.

The comment inspired the pair to share details about the LG Styler, explaining steaming cupboards are “so common in Korean households” that they had no idea it would appear “weird” to others.

“It steams and deodorises clothing so our outfits are wrinkle-free and smell amazing,” Janny said.

“It also has a gentle dry function for clothes that can’t go into a regular tumble dryer.

“And even a sanitising function which is my favourite as I use it to sanitise pillows, stuffed animals and backpacks.”

The video, shared at the end of 2023, was so popular, it clocked up over 2 million views – with many stating the device was a “game-changer”.

“I want one so bad,” one viewer responded.

“I bought one right before the pandemic. Thank God because I can’t live without it now,” another replied.

As another shared: “I never have to pay a dry cleaning bill anymore. So good.”

Is the LG Styler worth the money?

Despite the fact this “at home dry cleaning” system has proved very popular on social media, many have claimed the device is “too expensive”, so I decided to put it to the test.

For the last six months I’ve had one in my home, which I was a bit nervous about, as I live in a small one-bed apartment in Sydney – but I’ve been surprised by how often I use it.

Four core functions

LG’s Styler has four different offerings. First up is “Refresh” which is best for suits, dresses and sweaters, and can be used to rescue laundry destined for the washing basked in as little as 20 minutes.

If you have clothes that are too delicate for your tumble dryer, the “Gentle Dry” function is the place for those garments, as it takes a more genteel approach to the spinning versions in most homes.

LG said shrinkage is minimised as a result.

“Sanitary Mode” eliminates allergens and bacteria by 99.9 per cent, a claim certified by the British Allergy Foundation.

And last but not least, the “Trouser Press” can get those crips creases back in your pants to give you that fresh-bought feel.

How easy is it to set up?

Much to my surprise, the LG Styler was fairly straight forward to set up, but it’s quite a large – albeit thin – device, so I needed assistance.

It’s also slick AF and looks very cool in my home. I have the “3 Garment in Black Glass” which definitely looks like a hi-tech fridge as social media users have described.

Once it is plugged in, the touch screen display on the front is easy to use, and the two small pull out tanks at the bottom front of the appliance which are used to input water and remove the dirty stuff, slot in and out effortlessly.

In order to get going, you simply fill one tank and empty the other, and you’re ready to go. You can make your laundry smell nice by using filter sheets too.

Are clothes really wrinkle-free and fresh?

It’s certainly an impressive piece of kit and I’ve found it great for items that are difficult to throw in the washing machine, such as blazers, delicate dresses and trainers.

It effectively gets rid of all those “night out” smells that can be absorbed easily by fabrics, such as perfumes and even cigarette smoke – something I absolutely loved.

But it didn’t do the best job on the wrinkles. To be clear, it never claimed to eliminate your need of an iron, but I guess I had higher hopes.

However, the clothes still came out sparkly clean and smelling fresh as a daisy, and on lighter fabrics where the creases aren’t so ingrained in the fabrics the steaming results were a lot better.

Overall, this “fridge” has been a great addition to my laundry, especially as someone who lacks time.

I no longer leave things at the back of the wardrobe for months on end waiting to take them to a dry cleaners, which has put outfits I’d long forgotten about back in my rotation.

Is the LG Styler a home essential? Absolutely not. But if you’ve got the space and do a lot of dry-cleaning, it’s certainly very handy.

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