KRAFTON and Com2uS under investigation due to allegations of item manipulation

CRAFTON and Com2uStwo of South Korea’s biggest game developers are under investigation Fair Trade Commission (FTC) following suspicions of manipulation of probability-based items and disclosure of false information in their games.

In line with growing concerns about the transparency of probability-based elements, the South Korean government implemented a new disclosure system in March. It mandated that all game companies must now publicly announce information about the likelihood of items mentioned in games.

The FTC believes the companies in question misled customers about the likelihood of the items

According to reports, the Fair Trade Commission on May 28, 2024 sent investigators to the premises of KRAFTON and Com2uS to secure the materials related to the articles based on probability.

PUBG Mobile Beta 2.6 Update News CoverPUBG Mobile 2.6 Beta Version Update News Cover
Image via Krafton

According to the same, the games in question include the success of KRAFTON battle royale PUBG and Com2uS Starseed: Asnia Trigger.

This is not the first time a company has come under scrutiny for handling articles. Earlier this year, Nexon was hit with a whopping $8.9 million fine for tampering with in-game items in its popular games, MapleStory and Bubble Fighter. Following the controversy, the game had to drop a public announcement for game improvement.

Image via Nexon

Turning to the issues at hand now, the FTC believes that these games by KRAFTON and Com2uS may have misled consumers about the likelihood of obtaining certain items and thus engaged in manipulation of items that could be harmful to consumers. However, there is no confirmation of the detailed specifics of the investigation. I will update this space once we get concrete information about the case.

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