Kourtney Kardashian spotted living Sydney eastern suburbs mum life

Kourtney Kardashian is hanging out in Sydney and living her best eastern suburbs mum life.

The eldest Kardashian, 44, is in Sydney because that man she keeps licking, also known as her husband Travis Barker, is touring our gorgeous country with his band Blink 182.

Travis, 48, has been hanging out in Perth and acting like a local. He even let someone get the scissors out and got a haircut there.

Meanwhile, Kourtney’s passed on the opportunity to hang out with the FIFO community of Australia and instead been pictured trotting around Sydney’s glitzy suburbs like Paddington and Bondi in oversized clothes with her son Reign and daughter Penelope.

Somehow, when a celebrity wears baggy clothing, it seems incredible and chic, but whenever ordinary people do, it just looks like they are going through a hard time and not taking care of themselves.

Anyway, she’s been enjoying the fancy food scene and has been everywhere, from Tony’s Burgers in Bondi to Mimi’s in Coogee.

Even when she went to get ice cream, she went to the fancy Messinia. It is known for its complicated ice cream flavours. Think less Rainbow flavour and more red velvet cake flavoured.

In record time Kourtney’s managed to hit up all the restaurants that influencers go to. You know, they take photos of themselves holding $25 cocktails and write captions like “nights like this”.

No one is actually sure what ‘this’ means, not even the influencers writing the captions.

The famous mum has also gotten a bit dressed up, wearing tiny sunglasses and oversized trench coats and carrying micro handbags that are in fashion.

I’m sure this is typical wear in Calabasas, but considering most of Sydney’s eastern suburbs live in activewear, her clothes scream, “I’m a celebrity!”

If you want to blend in Sydney, you must pop yourself into $100 P.E. Nation leggings and a $29 Nike visor.

Everyone will assume you grew up in Bondi and have a significant opinion on Newington College going co-ed.

The most amusing part about Kourtney taking over Sydney’s eastern suburbs is how casual she is about the whole thing.

She’s not wearing her best skin-tight dress to be spotted at a fancy restaurant in the eastern suburbs or taking photos of her food to brag about it on Instagram.

Kourtney’s not mixing with our Aussie celebrities either; no one has seen her brunching with Delta at Bills or lining up at Chargrill Charlies to buy some delicious chicken with Kerri Anne.

She’s just prancing around in a giant oversized T-shirt with her kids, going to our most fancy and iconic venues.

She’s also doing this while wearing outfits most of us reserve for wearing for our late-night Woolies runs.

It is iconic because she’s breaking all the Sydney social rules. She’s ignoring the expectations of the social scene that involve wearing tons of Zimmerman and hanging out with the right people, and instead, she’s just living her best life.

Kourtney’s in Sydney, and she’s so famous she doesn’t even get all dressed up to chow down at Mimi’s.

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