Kmart’s $19 foldable chair labelled music festival solution

An item from the country’s biggest discount department store has been dubbed the “perfect” solution to a persistent problem.

Music festival season is well and truly upon us, but it often means hours standing around between acts or while waiting for transport to and from the venue.

Kmart has come to the rescue with the $19 Collapsible Stool, which folds out to sit at 44cm in height.

TikTok user @hannahhbbarron took to social media to show a friend testing the device, as Hannah labelled it the “perfect festival chair”.

“Imagine being in the mosh and you pop open your chair,” she added, with her video gathering more than 700,000 views on the video platform.

Social media users were torn over the device, with some claiming it was a brilliant idea while others weren’t completely sold on it.

“Wow that’s a good festival chair if I’ve ever seen one,” one social media user commented.

Another, tagging their friend, said: “We should actually get those for work so we can sit down like at fitting rooms or folding clothes.”

“Nah I’m not carrying that around all day,” one person protested.

“I could even make beautiful macramé straps instead of the black nylon one to match the aesthetic too! Colour strap to match the outfit, just an idea,” one suggested.

Another said: “In the mosh claiming our spot or for waiting at line at theme parks.”

“I saw a guy with one of these at the park the other day and he went to sit on it and snapped it … took everything in me to not burst out laughing,” one social media user revealed.

Others said they wished they’d had the chairs when they went to the Spilt Milk festival, or when seeing Zach Bryan play at Flemington Race course earlier this month. reached out to Kmart for further comment.

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