Kmart shopper spots ‘infuriating’ mistake on $8 kids socks

A shopper recently spotted an awkward mistake on a set of Kmart kid’s socks, which has left the internet in stitches.

The socks, which are organised into colour-coordinated pairs based on the days of the week, really just had one job; to help kids find a matching pair of socks easily and quickly.

But, it seems that was too much for the manufacturer to get right, and the matching socks don’t match at all.

Spot the difference

The mum shared a photo of the seven pairs of socks in the Target, Kmart & BIG W Inspired, Decor & Hacks Facebook group.

All the pairs seem to be correct, with Monday being light blue, Wednesday being purple, and Saturday being orange.

However, if you look closely at the green pair, one of the socks is marked ‘Friday’ instead of Tuesday.

The Friday socks are still correct, though, as both of them are red.

Despite the blunder, the mum still saw the funny side of the purchase.

“Not a hack, decor or anything, but it gave me a giggle, so I thought I’d share. Spot the difference (seven-pack daily socks) from Kmart,” she wrote.

‘This hurts my soul’

The post gave group members a much-needed laugh, racking up over 2.7k likes and nearly 500 comments.

“This hurts my soul,” someone said.

Another joked, “To be fair, you do wish it was Friday on Tuesday.”

Another suggested, “It’s a backup Friday sock for when you inevitably lose one of the actual Friday socks to the sock thief.”

Then, one shopper who bought the same set from Kmart said they also received mismatched socks.

“I bought them for my daughter and got two pairs of Saturday socks, different colours, and no Tuesday socks.”

‘Scratching my head’

Others said it took them an embarrassing amount of time to spot the mistake in the photo.

“That took me far too long to see… my brain was telling me the hidden Friday was a Tuesday,” one admitted.

And then a different user revealed, “I was scratching my head trying to figure out what was going on.”

Did you spot it straight away?

This story was published by Kidspot and was reproduced with permission

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