Kmart is selling $8 dupe of In The Roundhouse dining item

Kmart is known for allowing Aussies to live a life of luxury on a budget, and thanks to its latest collection, shoppers can snag a dupe of a highly sought-after $29 item for just $8.

The popular retailer has released a collection of poolside plates, made of plastic, that feature bright designs such as lobsters on them, with customers comparing it to Australian homewares brand In The Roundhouse.

While In The Roundhouse platters retail for $50 each, and their plates cost $29 each, the Kmart version will set you back just $8 for a two pack of the platters.

Shoppers have been divided over the new range, which dropped in December, with one saying it “could have” been so cute and they thought it had missed the mark. However one pointed out it was great that the budget retailer made luxury items within everyone’s price range. has contacted Kmart for comment.

Kmart isn’t the only retail giant to create a dupe of the popular dinnerware brand, with Aldi releasing its own version in 2023.

The Crofton Seafood Dinnerware range hit shelves in early December as part of a Special Buys range – and swiftly made its way onto TikTok, where dozens of shoppers remarked on its resemblance to cult Australian tableware brand In The Roundhouse – albeit at a fraction of the price.

While In The Roundhouse dinner plates retail for $29 each, a set of two Aldi plates will set you back just $6.99 – even cheaper than the Kmart version.

Needless to say, the range – which also include side plates, glassware and napkins – sparked a frenzy.

“Guys, I just saw someone post about the In The Roundhouse dupes at Aldi. I’m going – I’m going, I’m going, I’m going,” TikTok user Gemma Thomas declared in her video, before filming her own pilgrimage to the store, and her subsequent haul of products.

“Oh my God, they are just the cutest plates ever.”

Alyce Tran, the woman behind The Daily Edited, created In The Roundhouse with Brooke Bickmore, who is the editor of David Jones Magazine.

“As a small Australian business working with local Australian artists we are so incredibly proud that we have somewhat created an aesthetic and genre in this category of product that is clearly so strong that any product that looks similar is associated with our brand,” Ms Alyce told

“We’d love to be given the opportunity to collaborate with these larger retailers to help their businesses and ours grow in the ecosystem and would love to hear from them!”

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