Kmart iced coffee maker ‘isn’t what was advertised’ on box

A $39 item from Kmart initially had Aussies “running” to the store, but now some shoppers are claiming the hot ticket item isn’t what was advertised on the packaging.

Sydney woma Rach Annette recently purchased the new “Iced Coffee Maker” from the budget store and quickly rushed home to check it out.

But, when she discovered the Kmart appliance didn’t dispense milk or ice, she was left less than impressed and sought a refund.

“It’s the end of the Kmart iced coffee machine saga. I just got a refund for it,” Rach explained in a video.

“Because it’s not an iced coffee machine at all. It’s like a percolator or a filtered cold drip, and it’s not really advertised as that.”

She said from her experience of working at Kmart in her youth, the 30-year-old knew that the retailer would immediately take it back.

Jessica Dorante said she didn’t need an iced coffee machine, as she had a coffee machine, blender and kettle, but had seen the hype.

The TikTok user made her own coffee, saying it “didn’t matter how much she mixed it” she “wasn’t a fan” and it was “watery”.

“I will continue using this with espresso shots from my actual coffee machine,” she said.

Several social media users were in agreeance with Rach’s comments but others said it was good for its price point.

“Thanks for the review. Def won’t be buying now. I thought it would at least dispense the milk too,” one social media user said.

Another said: “Unless it also adds the ice and milk, I’ll just keep using my coffee machine.”

“I personally would use more ice but looks good for 40 bucks,” another social media user said of the machine.

One added: “I think it’s a good option if you don’t already have a coffee machine/pod machine and don’t want one. It also minimises pod waste!”

“Don’t buy it, there’s no need for it at all,” another said.

“Thanks for that, I was almost tempted to get one but it doesn’t look worth it,” one TikTok user added. understands the iced coffee machine has many similar featured to others on the market.

“We want all our customers to have a great experience with our products, but as always any customers that aren’t happy with their product can bring it back to a Kmart for a refund or exchange,” A Kmart spokesperson told

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