Kmart drops $8 version of $77 Sol de Janeiro bum bum cream

Kmart has released a new beauty range with excited fans calling it an “identical” dupe of a far more expensive cult brand.

The Kmart range, OXX Cosmetics, features a whole line of products bearing resemblance to popular beauty brand Sol de Janeiro, including creams, mists, body butters and fragrances, with skincare lovers racing to stores to road test the cheap alternative.

Megan Nicolls said the discount retailer had come out with “pretty much every Sol de Janeiro dupe” and she essentially purchased the entire collection to test them out.

Sol de Janeiro, sold at Mecca, is most famous for its Brazilian Bum Bum cream, which retails for $77 for a 240ml tub and is one of the brand’s most sought-after products.

Ms Nicolls said the large size of the Sol de Janeiro cream is expensive and “hurt her soul” to spend that much.

After testing the dupe she said it was “so f*****g good” and smelled “literally the same”. She also said it was the same consistency as the original.

“My skin actually feels really nice. That’s so crazy! It’s literally like a tenth of the price,” she said.

Reviewing the Kmart dupe of the Sol de Janeiro 62 perfume mist, which retails for $61 in the 240ml size, she said it “was the same but a watery version”.

“I feel like none of the dupes ever have that extra bite of pistachio that the original has but they’ve actually gotten it right. That is pretty good for $8,” she added.

Megan told her TikTok followers there were also dupes of the other popular Sol de Janeiro perfume mists, including numbers 68, 39, 40, 71, as well as body oil and lip balm.

The TikTok user admitted she was shocked at how close to the original the Kmart products were.

Other social media users were equally impressed by the Kmart range.

“I already have a dupe for the 62 so I got the 68 yesterday now you have me wanting to go back,” one social media user said.

Another said: “I feel I need to do a Kmart trip but also trying to be good.”

One said they were having a hard time tracking them down in New Zealand.

“I ran to Kmart and they were unpacking them,” one person commented on TikTok.

The range of new Kmart are $8 each with body packs also available for $16.

“Our body mists are incredible value at $8 we know our customers will love these and we launched with 4 incredible scents so something for everyone,” a Kmart spokesperson told

“Fragrance is a category we continue to build momentum in and our customers are loving the range. While we did not expect this range to go viral we were confident that the amazing summer scents teamed with our low prices meant the range would resonate with our customers.

“At Kmart, our in-house design team are focused on creating curated ranges that align back to global trends, enabling us to provide our customers with great products at the lowest possible price.”

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