Kingdom Version 5.0 update “The Lost Golden City” is set to release on September 26, 2023

Cookie Run: Kingdom is set to release the new Version 5.0 update “The Lost Golden City” on September 26th, 2023. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update is a big one, as we move on into the main storyline again and have the next region and Ancient Cookie released this patch. As it is, the new update will be filled with new content such as new Cookies, New Episodes, Limited Events, Toppings, Treasures, QoL updates, and more!

  • Rarity: Ancient
  • Type: Ranged
  • Position: Middle

Worship the Ever-Radiant Sovereign of the Golden City! Golden Cheese Cookie is a Ranged Cookie who uses the skill, “Brilliance of the Absolute.”

Cookie Run Kingdom Golden Cheese Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Skill description: Heed the Sun Deity’s call! Upon using her skill, Golden Cheese Cookie throws her Spears of Radiance, dealing damage up to 8 times when there are five or more enemies. For each enemy defeated, she gains an extra Spear of Radiance. The number of Spears of Radiance can increase to up to 12 in total. When hit by Golden Cheese Cookie’s spear, enemies receive a debuff amplifying the Earth-type damage received. While Golden Cheese Cookie is using her skill, she harnesses her Light of Abundance and hurls the Spear of the Absolute to the enemy Cookie with the highest ATK.

The Spear of Absolute removes the target’s buffs, deals DMG that partially ignores the target’s DMG Resist, and Explosion DMG based on the current number of Spears of Radiance to all enemies in range. Once per battle, if Golden Cheese Cookie is about to be defeated, she encloses herself in a Sarcophagus for a certain period of time. While enclosed in her Sarcophagus, she casts a Shield around herself. This Shield takes the DMG dealt to nearby allies covered by it and provides Knockback Immunity. When using her skill, Golden Cheese Cookie is not affected by ATK Speed changes and is protected from the Glitch: Data Corruption effect by her Light of Abundance.

You can now pull for Golden Cheese Cookie and her Soulstones in the Nether-Gacha.· Collect or purchase Light of Abundance and use it in the Nether-Gacha.· Golden Cheese Cookie and her Soulstones will be available in the Nether-Gacha with an increased probability.· Once you have performed 250 Nether-Gacha pulls, you will be able to meet a guaranteed Golden Cheese Cookie.· Any Light of Abundance remaining after the Nether-Gacha ends will be converted into Coins.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Charge
  • Position: Front

The Gatekeeper who guards the gates of the eternal Golden Paradise, Burnt Cheese Cookie is here! Burnt Cheese Cookie is a Charge Cookie that uses the skill “Keeper of the Gates.”

Cookie Run Kingdom Burnt Cheese Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Skill description: Summons giant boulders from beneath the earth, dealing DMG to nearby enemies and granting Earth-type CRIT buff for all allies. Afterward, the boulders explode, dealing DMG and Stunning enemies. Burnt Cheese Cookie grants the Keeper of the Gates and the Curse Protection buffs to himself and the ally Cookie with the highest ATK. The Cookie with the Keeper of the Gates buff receives DMG Focus and becomes Immune to Debuffs.

Burnt Cheese Cookie and Golden Cheese Cookie’s DMG Resist increases when entering a battle together. If Golden Cheese Cookie becomes enclosed in her Sarcophagus during battle, Burnt Cheese Cookie’s ATK and ATK SPD will temporarily increase, and his Cooldown will reset. The Keeper of the Gates and Curse Protection buffs will be applied to Golden Cheese Cookie enclosed in her Sarcophagus first. While using his skill, Burnt Cheese Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

New Episode: Episode 17 – The Lost Golden City

Amidst the dunes of the Parmesan Desert, where golden cheese flows freely! The ever-gleaming “Golden Cheese Kingdom” is finally here! Embark on a new adventure to the final Ancient Kingdom in CookieRun: Kingdom! Play Ep. 17 “The Lost Golden City,” and clear both Story/Dark Mode stages.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update
Image via Devsisters

Explore the new episode on the Bear Jelly Balloon after you clear all its Story Mode stages. Certain stages in Ep. 17 include exciting new features like puzzles and mini-games.

New Treasures

[Epic]: Vial of Raging Dunes


Description: At the beginning of the battle, ally Cookies receive the Vial of Raging Dunes buff, increasing their ATK and CRIT Resist. When an ally Cookie is revived, the buff is stacked once more and can be stacked up to a certain amount of times. Additionally, whenever an ally Cookie is revived, a fierce sandstorm will deal DMG to enemies based on the total ATK of allies and reduce enemies’ ATK.

[Epic]: Explorer’s Monocle


Description: Overcomes crises with the Explorer’s Monocle by purifying and healing Max HP of allies, while increasing DEF and weakening debuff effects for a certain period of time.

New Toppings: Radiant Cheese Toppings

The new Radiant Cheese Toppings that can only be equipped by specific Cookies have been added.

  • Radiant Cheese Raspberry
  • Radiant Cheese Chocolate Chip
  • Radiant Cheese Almond
  • Radiant Cheese Caramel
  • Radiant Cheese Apple Jelly

Find more information on which Cookies can equip the Toppings in Topping Details. The set effect of Toppings will activate regardless of whether they’re regular or Resonant Toppings, as long as all of the Toppings equipped are of the same set. When the Bonus effect of Resonant Toppings is enhanced, Resonant Toppings have a higher minimum Bonus Stat value than regular Toppings. Additional bonus effects of Resonant Toppings may differ from those of regular Toppings.

New Background and Decors

New Kingdom Decor and Castle Designs are here with the Golden Cheese Kingdom update!· New Background “Eternal Golden City.”· New Castle Design “Dazzling Golden Cheese Castle.”· New Fountain Design “Fountain of Paradise.” Check out the new luxurious golden decor theme, “Land of Gold & Abundance.”

Golden Cheese KIingdom’s Error Busters

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update limited event
Image via Devsisters

Every day, Cheesebirds gather at the heart of the Golden Cheese Mines to remove unidentified errors. Deal damage to monsters during battle and gain points in the Golden Cheese Kingdom’s Error Busters! Defeat monsters and fix bugs plaguing the mines! Golden Cheese Kingdom’s Error Busters are split into two Seasons, and each Season offers different Season Cookies and Bug Fix Effects.

Selecting and Swapping Cookies in Error Busters

Five Cookies are chosen randomly when entering battle in Error Busters. Reach the Cookie swapping point to swap one of the remaining Cookies. Here, you can choose to swap a Cookie or keep your current selection within the time limit. Fight monsters and select the Cookies you want in your team to bust those errors!

Bug Fix Effects

You receive Bug Fix Points when you defeat monsters in Error Busters. Your Bug Fix Points are displayed on a gauge at the upper left part of the screen. Once the gauge fills up, you can select one out of three Bug Fix Effects that will help you in battle. Bug Fix Points are applied only for the duration of a single round. Choose wisely and select Effects that will make your team stronger!

Error Busters Seasonal Cookies

In Error Busters, you will be provided with special Seasonal Cookies only available for use in Error Busters. Every player will have the same stats, as Season Cookies have fixed levels and promotions ranks. This game mode is not affected by external buffs and stats provided by your Guild, Sugar Gnome Laboratory, Bonds, Landmarks, etc.

Hall of Encounter: Grand Charcuterie Board of Relaxation

The Hall of Encounter has been updated. Obtain Monument Fragments, Unity Essence, Legendary Soul Essence, Radiant Cheese Toppings, and more in the Hall of Encounter Random Reward Chests.

  • New Shop Layout
  • Storage Improvements
  • Choice Chest Improvements

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update.

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