KFC launches bizarre new items: Pop up in Sydney for Original Crispy Burger series

KFC has launched a pop-up restaurant to celebrate the launch of its Original Crispy Burger series.

The pop-up, which will be offering free food to customers, will be open in Darlinghurst, Sydney on Friday and Saturday.

Along with the burgers, the pop-up is promising other deep fried items for customers to try, including cheesecake, broccolini and asparagus and peanut butter and jam sandwich.

“To mark the launch of our new series of Original Crispy Burgers, it was only appropriate to create an emporium of all things crispy,” Tami Cunningham, CMO KFC Australia, said.

“’The Original Crispery’ promises to be an avalanche on the senses. It will include an exhibition of crispy curiosities, as well as a selection of KFC-ified products, where our talented chefs will put our double breading craft to the test across a range of unexpected yet craveable treats for all fans to taste.”

The Original Crispy Burger series will be a permanent addition to KFC menus around the country.

The series The Original Crispy, The Original Crispy Cheese and Bacon and The Original Crispy Stacker, which have been crafted by KFC chefs to feature a swirl of creamy mayonnaise on top of a succulent, juicy, Original Crispy chicken fillet.

The fillet itself, has been expertly plunged into breading, not once, but twice, to ensure a satisfying crunch with every bite, that will leave taste buds wondering why you haven’t treated them to this level of deliciousness before.

The pop-up will be open on Friday and Saturday from 10am.

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