Keyd Stars is crowned as the champion of the Honor of Kings Brazil Championship (CHOKBR) 2023

The Honor of Kings Brazil Championship (CHOKBR) 2023 has ended its run and Keyd Stars emerged as the champion. After defeating the other finalist Fluxo by a cut-to-throat 4-3, the team won the trophy along with a direct slot in the upcoming international event of Honor of Kings esports, the KIC 2023. Besides the champion team, the runner-up and the third-placed team Alpha7 Esports have also qualified for the Wildcard event of the KIC 2023.

The champion team’s run on the Honor of Kings Brazil Championship (CHOKBR) 2023

The Playoff bracket starts with the four remaining teams. The first match in the upper bracket semifinals started with the champion Keyd Stars facing off against Fluxo. A 3-0 clean sweep kept Fluxo out of the upper bracket. On the other hand, Alpha7 Esports won the other game of the upper bracket semifinals and moved to the finals to fight against the champion team. While the teams were fighting, Fluxo met Be Bold in the lower bracket semifinal and picked up a 3-0 win.

Honor of Kings Brazil Championship (CHOKBR) 2023 grand final result
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Keyd Stars took the game from Alpha7 by making the scoreline 3-1 and moved to the finals. Losing the game, Alpha7 had to play the lower bracket final. Fluxo won the match by 3-1 and went to the finals to meet the same team with whom they’d lost the first playoff match. This time, Fluxo showcased a surprising performance. The first four rounds were taken evenly.

After the fifth match, the champion team was leading the game by 3-2. Bt Fluxo again stepped up and took a win in the 6th round. Thus the last round of the BO7 final became the decider of which team would lift the trophy. However, Fluxo tried their top to turn the tide in their favor but Keyd Stars was more dominant. Finally, the scoreline stood at 4-3 and Keyd Became the champion of CHOKBR 2023.

The champion team took the largest share of the prize money

The esports event featured a whopping amount of $65,000 as the prize pool. Winning the event has given Keyd Stars the largest share of the money which is $20,000. Runner-up Fluxo bagged $15,000 while the third position holder Alpha7 Esports took a total of $10,000. Niap from the champion team has become the MVP of the grand final.

The Honor of Kings International Championship (KIC) 2023 is scheduled to start in November. As the CHOKBR 2023 champion, Keyd Stars will represent Brazil while the other two teams will have to go through the Wildcard stage. It will be interesting to watch the best teams fight each other.

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