Jules Robinson flaunts growing baby bump in tight Myer dress

Former reality star Jules Robinson is determined to make her fashion choices different while pregnant with her second child.

Robinson, who got married (on Married at First Sight) to, fell in love with and then legally married Cam Merchant, is pregnant with the couple’s second child after they welcomed son Ollie in 2020.

Like most of us, Robinson spent much of that year in trackies and Uggs as her Covid-era pregnancy was defined by the pandemic. But this time around, the Myer fan has discovered the fun of fashion and is enjoying dressing her changing body.

“It’s so hard to compare my pregnancies as I had a Covid pregnancy. I’m obviously feeling really physically strong — although by the evenings I can’t get up,” she told news.com.au.

“Last time I was kept inside all the time. I was just marinating and growing a baby in my Ugg boots so I didn’t really get to explore too much fashion.”

Robinson said she looks at photos from her first pregnancy in comparison to now, and is struck by the shape of her body feeling very different. But rather than striving for a particular figure or weight, the soon-to-be mother of two says she’s focused on keeping her body strong during this pregnancy.

“I’ve been working really hard, I’ve not put on much weight in my pregnancy. I’ve lost 25cm off my body because I really am trying to be strong through this pregnancy because by the end of Covid I felt debilitated,” she said.

In terms of her pregnancy fashion, Robinson revealed that she is drawn to wearing tight clothes, particularly dresses, that show off her baby bump.

She wore one such dress to the Myer Mother’s Day Portrait Event, opting for a figure-hugging nude dress from Calvin Klein.

Myer style editor Paula Joye hosted celebrities including Robinson’s family, Candice Warner and her daughters and Maria Thattil with her mother, at the Sydney event this week.

The event came with a family photo session, and the picture-perfect moment will definitely be one that Robinson’s family remembers as it documents their growing family — but also Ollie’s broken leg.

Ollie broke his leg while coming down a slide and many of Robinson’s dedicated followers had noticed he had been missing in action from her socials.

“It’s definitely a time to remember. I mean the photos are quite funny as he’s just like ‘whatever’,” she said.

She said it had been challenging for the family to adjust their lives to accommodate Ollie’s injury, with the four-year-old missing his friends at daycare and more time needed for the family to go anywhere.

Robinson has also been getting ready to promote her book, titled Ask Jules, which launched last week.

What was supposed to be a family babymoon has turned into a solo trip to Bali for Ms Robinson due to her son’s injury and how busy life has suddenly become.

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