Joey Swoll: Texas woman’s comment gets her banned from gym

A woman who took aim at another gymgoer’s physique has had her membership revoked after a social media personality stepped in.

Allie, who goes by @the_rippedbarbie on Instagram, took a video of another gymgoer doing crunches on a workout bench while shirtless at Absolute Recomp in Texas.

“If you’re going to workout topless at least have some muscles,” Allie muttered as she filmed the man.

Social media personality Joey Swoll, who has become known for his videos calling out poor gym etiquette such as mocking people or getting frustrated with people getting in the way of filmed workouts, caught wind of the clip.

“Listen, I get it. You want to train at a gym where everyone keeps their shirt on, that’s fine,” he said.

“But this gym isn’t one of them.”

He said he called the gym to find out what their rules are and the gym said it had no issue with the man working out without a shirt.

Joey said Allie knew the rules when she signed up and still decided to go ahead with the membership and so she had to follow the rules.

“This includes the rule that says you don’t film people without their consent to post on social media,” he said.

“And people tried to tell you this.”

Allie had posted her interactions after others expressed their concerns or her post, and she said she wasn’t taking aim at the man for being in the gym but the fact he was shirtless.

“There’s no reason male or female should walk around this b**** without clothes on for a multitude of reasons,” she responded to one concerned social media user.

She called anyone who expressed their concerns about her Instagram story “keyboard warriors”.

Joey said because Allie didn’t listen he decided he would step in and weigh in on the matter.

He said he spoke to the owner and had Allie’s membership revoked over her behaviour.

“You need to do better. Mind your own business,” he said.

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