Jessica Rowe has stepped out with her model daughter for fashion week

Media personality Jessica Rowe has turned up at Sydney’s fashion week with her model daughter Allegra Overton.

Rowe, 53, wore a matching bright top and pant number, looking like her usual, fabulous self.

Allegra, 17, went for the opposite look and leant into the causal Gen Z aesthetic by wearing a baggy jumper and casual pants.

The duo were at fashion week because Allegra booked a modelling catwalk job.

The 17-year-old is walking for Aussie brand Rory William Docherty at Fashion Week, and Rowe was in full proud parent mode and beaming when they arrived.

Of course, Allegra, is also the daughter of Nine newsreader Peter Overton and signed to Priscilla’s Models in 2023.

Last year Rowe revealed her emotional reaction to seeing her daughter Allegra model in her first catwalk show.

Rowe posted the sweet snaps on Instagram of Allegra walking in her first show and described the milestone experience as “overwhelming.”

The famous mum was proudly seated in the front row as she watched her daughter walk down the catwalk for luxury active wear brand AJE Athletic.

Rowe’s face was filled with emotion as she saw her daughter strut down the runway for the first time.

“Here I am teary as I watch my darling brave firstborn Allegra do her first catwalk show,” the proud mum wrote on Instagram.

Rowe described Allegra as a “powerhouse of wonder” and thanked the brand for wanting to work with her daughter.

Rowe’s been very public about how excited she is that Allegra has ventured into modelling and has been sharing her joy online. She also shared her eldest daughter’s professional headshots on Instagram and called herself a “mum-ager.”

Get it? Mum combined with the manager.

Rowe’s taking her new title seriously and even filmed a TikTok of Allegra at her first big photo shoot.

Rowe filmed Allegra and all the behind-the-scenes of the shoot, including everything from the hair and makeup to the styling. She even tried offering her daughter some tips while she was being photographed.

“Let’s have some smiles, please,” she said.

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