Jasmine’s 40th: Karl Stefanovic and older men love hating

Jasmine Stefanovic ushered in her 40th birthday wearing a stunning ensemble that cost over $5,000. But the designer was still upstaged by her husband Karl’s fancy fedora.

Jasmine’s birthday extravaganza was held in Noosa. But don’t panic, it wasn’t in a park, and Michael Clarke wasn’t wandering around looking shoeless and apologetic.

Her birthday celebrations were incredibly lavish and held at Bistro C, a beachside restaurant and bar known for its gorgeous water views.

It’s the kind of venue that your parents splash out on to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, and then Dad complains about the bill afterwards and ruins the whole thing.

But the glamorous event didn’t end at Bistro C.

Partygoers reportedly kicked on at the couple’s Sunshine Coast home, and it was a reasonably star-studded guest list.

Everyone from Richard Wilkins to Karl’s Today co-host Sarah Abo turned up to celebrate Jasmine’s milestone birthday. TV presenters Belinda Russell, Sylvia Jeffreys and Allison Langdon were also all in attendance.

“Still on cloud 9, thank youuuuuuu to everyone who made last weekend so special,” she wrote on Instagram. “Love each and every one of you.”

The socialite looked gorgeous in a $1,950 blue Zimmerman dress paired with $2,200 Prada shoes, and she even popped on some $700 Dior sunglasses, and donned a $725 silver seashell shaped clutch for the occasion.

The gold platform heels made her tower over her husband Karl, which was quite the power move. But to be fair, when you know Richard and his lush mane are attending any party, you do have to go all out.

The shoe designer, who was not wearing her own shoe creation, looked incredibly gorgeous, glowing and like she could be loosely related to a Hemsworth or Lara Bingle.

Karl, not to be outdone by his younger wife, popped on some white linen pants, a white shirt with embroidery, and a small fedora.

Karl’s hat stole the show because it highlights a big trend for men who are over the age of 40. They love wearing little hats.

Do we know why? No.

Sure, there are theories. Is it to hide balding patches? Do they think it makes them look younger?

Most worryingly, do they think it makes them look cool?

Like most great male mysteries, the answers will be forever unclear, but it certainly is a famous man trend.

Singer Guy Sebastian, 42, loves putting on a tiny hat for any occasion. Sebastian’s love of small hats has been so well-documented that they were even brought up during a Twitter feud with rapper Iggy Azalea.

The two were co-hosts on The X Factor back in 2016 but didn’t get along, and the Aussie rapper got her paws on the keyboard and wrote:

“Best of luck to you and your fedoras!”

Thankfully he hasn’t let the jab come between him and his love of hats.

It isn’t just Sebastian who enjoys a small hat. Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio is also a huge fan.

The man who loves to date women in their 20s while nearing 50 is often spotted with a cute hat on his head.

DiCaprio often wanders around in a tiny hat like Paddington Bear which undermines his whole hot thing, but who will tell him?

Even gorgeous Hugh Jackman has decided to embrace cowboy hats for no real reason. Nope, this isn’t for a role.

Jackman always looks good, but let’s be realistic: if a man you knew over 40 started wearing cowboy hats, it would seem more like a cry for help than a fashion statement.

Karl’s look for Jasmine’s birthday is a big reminder to everyone that once men turn 40, they’ll be out buying novelty hats in droves, and nothing can stop them, certainly not the fear of looking silly.

While women get older and decide they need to wear scarves the size of throws, men have their little hats.

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