Jackie O Henderson has bravely embraced Generation Z fashion

Jackie O Henderson has bravely embraced the fashion of Generation Z.

Henderson, 48, was spotted prancing through Melbourne airport wearing designer cargo shorts. Yes, you can buy expensive cargo shorts.

The pants are from the trendy brand Acne Studios and will set you back a cool $930, she paired them with Birkenstocks and a blue tank top.

The shorts were that mid-level length, where they skimmed right past the knees but left the ankles naked and exposed.

The shorts are the length that teachers in high school were desperate for our skirts to be.

It’s the kind of short shape we are used to seeing on a dad.

You know, the ones that have some hideously bold pattern that mum hates, but dad swears they look good and are a fashion statement, and he might even call them his “lucky” shorts.

Sadly, the statement is that dad looks like he might be a tad colourblind, but who can stop him?

Anyway, Jackie O has popped on a pair of mid-length cargo pants, and she actually looks very cool — instead of looking like a hot mess or an Avril impersonator.

The radio host looked really good like she could go into a bank and ask for a loan or swan around on her balcony with another hot tradie.

It is jarring because we all remember when cargo pants were big in the late nineties and early 2000s.

Then they became cringe and the unofficial uniform of the divorced dad who was dressing himself without a women’s supervision.

The cargo shorts came racing back into popular fashion in the last year, and while it’s jarring, it’s also cool to see celebrities mixing it up.

Let’s face it: Jackie O could pop on a plain but expensive Jac and Jack blazer and look like a million bucks, but she’s taking a risk, and it is paying off.

She doesn’t look silly at all; she seems cool and trendy, and, dare I say, she’s having a bit of a Lara Bingle moment.

Remember when Bingle was just seen as a hot chick from that tourism commercial, and then seemingly overnight, she was seen as a chic fashion lady with a beautifully cute bob that we all tried to copy with varying degrees of success?

It’s not that Jackie’s ever been unfashionable; she’s always been a gorgeous blonde who turns up to any event looking cute, but she seems to be taking some more risks with fashion, and that’s putting her firmly into her fashion ‘it’ girl era.

I mean, nothing says I’m ready to enter my fashion girl era, like wearing giant cargo shorts and still managing to look hot.

Sure, it’s a little scary to see Jackie O look so good in a pair of shorts that could make most of us look like we’ve given up, but it’s the kind of fashion vibe we deserve in Australia.

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