Inside world’s biggest Chemist Warehouse store in Sydney’s Campbelltown

Chemist Warehouse has an unparalleled ability to draw in beauty lovers. There’s something about those blue and yellow walls that makes walking past an impossible task – and now there’s an even bigger reason to head into the cult pharmacy.

The budget retailer, which sells an array of discounted beauty and pharmaceutical products, has 600 shops across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and China – but it has just opened its largest-ever store on home ground in Sydney’s southwest.

Spanning 2000 square feet, the superstore in Campbelltown’s Market Fair contains the biggest selection of cut-price products, including non-prescription drugs, fragrances, cosmetics, skincare, and natural medicines.

It also houses two additional Chemist Warehouse stores under the same roof, another first for the chain: NSW’s first Optometrist Warehouse, a store dedicated to providing affordable eye care services, and a giant Ultra Beauty, the chemist chain’s luxury beauty store.

This is the second Optometrist Warehouse in existence. The first opened in Malvern, Victoria, in February, marking the chemist chain’s move into eye care.

Ultra first launched at the start of 2022, selling premium beauty products, including high-end fragrances and designer cosmetics.

Of course, this budget-conscious beauty junkie had to head in-store to check it out when it opened recently, and fair warning – it’s a dangerous place to visit.

Sure, you could just pop in for a packet of kirby grips, but chances are you’ll leave with a whole basket of goodies.

The Market Fair store features the iconic floor-to-ceiling shelves we’ve come to know and love with Chemist Warehouse, but these ones are seemingly never-ending, each jam-packed with essential products.

It felt like every time I reached the end of an aisle and thought that was it, I’d turn a corner and find another section filled with goodies.

For those who find the sky-high shelves and sea of yellow price tags overwhelming, you can step inside the Ultra for an experience that is a little easier on the senses.

The ambience is a little moodier, with softer lighting and dark shelving that is aesthetically stacked with precision.

This is where you’ll find all the make-up brands you know and love at Chemist Warehouse, including Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal and MCoBeauty. Skincare wise, brands such as La Roche Posay, Cera Ve, Avène and Bioderma.

But the pièce de résistance is definitely the fragrance offerings, which span multiple walls, and feature elite brands such as Le Labo and Byredo.

While I was there, I decided to have an eye-test at the new Optometrist Warehouse, which didn’t cost me a cent as it is bulk-billed.

The store has a clinical-grade range of machines designed to assist with the early detection of eye conditions that can lead to vision loss. Plus, you can buy frames for as little as $99.

It’s no wonder this Chemist Warehouse store is being described as the “Disneyland of wellness”.

Considering Australians have been known to curse the “irresistible” prices at Chemist Warehouse, the new mega-store is sure to prove to be an expensive attraction among fans. Just ask these shoppers:

The only downside is the store is in Campbelltown, which isn’t the most convenient location for the majority of Sydneysiders.

From the CBD, it’s about an hour’s drive, south west of the city, so a notable distance if you’re considering a visit.

After telling my friends about its existence, I’ve already committed to a road trip, which I am sure will result in a boot full of goodies.

If you do venture out, do so with caution. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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