Inside Shane Warne son Jackson Warne’s healthy life

Shane Warne’s son, Jackson Warne, appears to be living a healthy and lavish life after the tragic death of his beloved dad.

Jackson, 24, is the only son of one of Australia’s greatest cricket players of all time, Shane Warne. Warne wasn’t just an incredible sportsman he was a loveable larrikin who was seen as a quintessential Aussie bloke.

Jackson bears an uncanny resemblance to his late father. Jackson is blonde, tanned and looks equally as cheeky.

After his dad’s untimely death in 2022, Jackson and his two siblings, Brooke and Summer, inherited 31 per cent of Warne’s 20.7 million fortune.

Jackson’s younger sister Summer has been winning over Australia as the dancing avocado on The Masked Singer, but Jackson’s also been very busy.

The young Aussie has amassed over 90,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 on TikTok, and his life is incredibly health-focused.

Jackson shares the content of him doing ice baths, posts videos of him working out and doesn’t even mind sharing the odd progress photo from his fitness journey.

He has an album exclusively labelled on his Instagram as “Jim” where you can scroll through to see countless selfies of him at the… you guessed it, gym.

He also isn’t shy about explaining what exercise has meant for him and has written on Instagram that the gym has become a place for him to “escape” and focus on himself.

“It was a way for me to escape bad thoughts and to focus on getting stronger and healthier because I believe a strong body is a strong mind,” he shared. .

His social media depicts a normal health-focused life with a sprinkle of the unbelievable added in.

He has selfies with the singer Ed Sheeran on his Instagram and posted about playing in the World Poker Tour.

Sure there’s lots of sweaty content but there’s also some glitz and glam mixed in with it all.

At first glance Jackson’s life looks pretty enviable he posts photos of his travels and his recently been jetting everywhere from London to Spain and he even gives a glimpse into his long term relationship with his girlfriend Kiah.

Yet it isn’t all perfect he has also been candid about grief and how he has managed not to let it swallow him.

In a frank Instagram post, Jackson shared that he could have let himself go “downhill” after his dad’s tragic death, but instead he’d used it as motivation.

“I used this trauma as energy for life. I surrounded myself with good people, went to the gum every day, drank water, swam, laughed a lot and was consistent,” he shared.

Jackson added that he is both the “happiest” and “healthiest he has ever been and pointed out that it costs “zero” to move your body every day and laugh.

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